Amok Mama: When is the right time to have a baby?



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Getting pregnant

I never knew there were all those girls pregnant in Chadwell Heath-I thought they all went and worked in banks. Anyway, my horrible neighbours who were keen on having as many kids as possible have now been evicted and the grime team that came to clear up the house threw a book on the skip - title 'Preparing for Pregnancy' and it fell open on a page that told you what to do BEFORE you got pregnant, but as I think she could not read I wonder if she ever found out that you need to take your knickers off first. Her sister has 8 children and according to Facebook, a 'lovely boyfriend'. The children are all trained to shop for Doritos and light her cigarettes; as a reward they are not sent to school They really need to be fostered - they are all good looking and housetrained. They have left behind those champion breeders, cockroaches!
Perhaps kids should choose their parents and seriously, we need more children to counteract the ageing population. So if you want to get pregnant, be responsible and remember to take off your pants!!

amok's old teacher more than 9 years ago

No matter

I met a girl, she was 13 ... then I met her parents, they were 26 and 27. Happily living together. You never know. There are so many unhappy people out there, no matter what age, no matter what color, no matter what status.

Teddybear more than 9 years ago


...und das ist gut so.

Seymour Gris more than 9 years ago

we're none of us Madonna

I live in Berlin since 2000, you know. It's not my fault. It just is so.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

you don't need them but they're the best thing

yeah it's always the wrong time to have a kid. Especially for women. Ladies, don't look for the right moment in your life - or will you end up like the Germans -- they don't have kids. Which is fine. Nobody NEEDS kids anyway - too many humans on the planet, right? And, yeah, men don't want them, really - until they get them, usually they're happy. And that's the thing, no matter how superfluous, no matter what what they'll put you through, whether you 'wanted' them - or not, once you have kids, they turn out to be the best thing ever you've ever had or done in your life. Twisted?

Lea more than 9 years ago

I love cute misconstructions like this one:

"we're none of us Madonna"
Berlin in ESL since 2002

José more than 9 years ago

Isn't it obvious?

Of course there's no right time to have kids. The world is plagued with enough problems as is, we don't need to introduce more fleshy distractions. There is no shortage of bodies on this planet, but there is a shortage of resources. If your life is really that boring that you need to fill the void with something, I don't know, try drugs or suicide or something. But bringing a new human into this world is probably one of the cruelest acts imaginable.

Joey more than 9 years ago

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