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I'm with Niall....

Totally agree with Niall. Woolly thinking badly expressed. And the overuse of swearing as a sub for bothering to think up proper words? It's not big and it's definitely not clever.

la pasionaria more than 10 years ago

inspiring, again

this made me want green tea wank latte.

anna more than 10 years ago

Not such a bad business you have here

This too is what happens when germans and berliners want everything for free, ingrateful bastards.
Still let not forget, and the greens and other idiots are not pointing at weekend tourist partymakers that is clear (those they would welcome the most), what the city was about and at the present, a rough decadent place prevented from collapse, by all means, still thanks to the bunch of foreigners who are ready to deliver their freshness in the way of skills, generosity and ressources.
Not such a bad business for dehidrate cabbage eaters.

Sérgio Herrera more than 10 years ago

Having a rant...

Everyone living abroad is entitled to have a rant... I mean that's how I (bitter-sweetly) spice-up every single lunch-break. Like, WTF are you Brits stuffing yourself with? Sponge-foamy synthetics you dare calling bread with tons of mayonnaise? No wonder 80% of you look like the Michelin man... and once you sport a gravitational field strong enough to have your own moon, maybe you shouldn't try dressing like Posh Spice, for Pete's sake. Etc pp... don't even get me started. So, see? Ranting keeps the expat sane. Period.

Mike more than 10 years ago

Is that journalism?

Awful piece.

Niall O Hara more than 10 years ago

I would call German hatred of the Swabians actual racism.

But it's the good type.

Actually? more than 10 years ago

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