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Yes, much of acting is through the voice. But much of it is through the actor's facial expressions which you cannot see if you have to read subtitles all the time. If someone doesn't like dubbed movies, well, he has the possibility to watch them in original- but why can't the people who don't speak foreign languages have the possibility to enjoy movies without having to read all the time? if you don't understand English at all, much of the voice acting is lost because you don't know exactly which part of the sentence is shouted or whispered...

Racism???!! :D:D Which part is racist exactly, not speaking all the existing languages on Earth perfectly, or wanting to watch a movie made in some language that you don't speak?

BB more than 10 years ago

Dubbed up racists

I think like other commenters have pointed out, the Yanks only don't dub coz they remake like mad. I think it's really silly to say dubbing is more fundamentally racist than subtitling. I mean, I think the rape accusation is less silly to be honest

Jacinta more than 10 years ago


You weren't being ironic

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

Please don't misunderstand me.

I did not mean to say that dubbing films is the only manner that Germans express their racism, or even the primary one. They possess many, many ways of doing so. Sorry if I was unclear.

Speechless more than 10 years ago


They really fucked up Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.

Benjamin Knight more than 10 years ago

dubbing / us

Yes, the Americans wouldn't dub movies, there will be a whole remake!
What a succesfully foreign movie? We have to make it new in Hollywood, the one and only benchmark for movies - in the world, of course! This isn't less snobbery than dubbing - or even racism (such nonsense makes ME speechless!!) But your American friends is right when he says without dubbing the Germans would be better in their English skills.

And yeah one could say dubbing a movie is raping the movie, but one could also say it's a service for the TV consumers. At least it's a whole industry nowadays.

H. more than 10 years ago


Well, you'd have to look at what the "black"in question means. To be a black man (or woman) in the U.S. (or Britain) is not the same as being a black man (or woman) in Germany. Are we talking middle-class accent? Working class? Shakespearean actor? Ghetto? Recent African immigrant? Rastafarian? And then choose the German voice accordingly, whether the German voice actor is black, white, or needs to have a non-German accent. I mean, what's important for the film and the character? That's how the casting should go.

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago


Surely Speechless is being ironic?

I dunno, I am kind of ambivalent on this one, but I DO think they should get black people to do the black voices. And the voice for Carla in Carla's song was so annoying I had to switch the telly off. But I also think expats shouldn't get too sarky and superior on this one, we dub anime like there's no tomorrow

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

Dubbing, subtitling, whatever.

I feel I should comment on this as I translate subtitles for a living (and yes, sometimes dubbing scripts, too). Some science wizard found out that some 20 % of the original's flavour, meaning, atmosphere, whatever, is lost when the film is dubbed. This number goes up to 40 % for subtitled versions. So unless we learn all the languages of the films we want to watch to the level where we understand all the nuances, we're missing out. Or we could just get on with life.

Stephanie more than 10 years ago

ah that's a tedious subject.
so many Germans complain about how shit dubbed versions of English films are. "Gott ist das scheiße synchronisiert." pretentious bastards. I'd say at least 50% of the humour is lost on most Germans watching films in its original.
when we were kids, we always watched everything dubbed in German and never complained about how the lip movements did not sync perfectly with what people said. but nowadays apparently most Germans spend a film looking at the actors lips ALL THE TIME.
bashing dubbed films is like bashing swabians moving to prenzlauer berg. very boring.

Berliner Schnauze more than 10 years ago

@ Speechless

Yeah well ... just as racist as the Spaniards, the Italians, the French, the Indonesians, the Indians and so on and so forth.

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago

The reason Germans dub everything

is because they are racist.

Speechless more than 10 years ago


Or Haneke will just remake it himself...

onemanband more than 10 years ago

Das weiße band

Given how successful Das weiße Band was internationally, there will probably be a remake by Steven Spielberg. Now that's high art!

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago

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