Amok Mama: Sex & Spargel



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German Spargel

is much bigger and fatter and more phallic than our wimpy wishy-washy limp British stuff.

Jacinta more than 7 years ago


Asparagus makes most peoples' wee smell. That is how people used to know they were visiting the homes of the aristocracy in England as the smell lingers for ages in the loo and the working class could not afford to buy asparagus - but now it is flown in from Peru and Kenya all year round and is sold in Tesco etc. so is no longer an indication of social standing. English asparagus is best, but the fat white Spanish stuff that comes in jars is the next best thing.
Regarding Dani's question, Henry V111 divorced or beheaded 4 wives due to the smell of asparagus that lingered in the Royal Privy, this is a little known fact and possibly this vegetable may affect the conception of the male line, it would be worth research. Catherine of Aragon just loved the fat Spanish stuff and she was first out!

amok's old teacher more than 7 years ago

is it really??

I liked your story a lot.
As a matter of fact I am in exactly the same situation and was wondering what to do to find distraction...
I shall go and get the Spargel.

And look for a fuck too.

Let me know if you managed to distract yourself...

Viel Spass

biczmusic more than 7 years ago

What about carrots

Dani more than 7 years ago

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