Amok Mama: A Lot of Fucking Blood




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I listened

to my fan's advice

Jacinta more than 8 years ago


You changed your picture. That's cheating! ;)

Bob more than 8 years ago


You're not smiling in your picture.... ;)
People love reading what you write.... That is beauty in itself!

Bob more than 8 years ago

I smile

all the fucking time. I am always smiling.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

you are

a very suße maus

PT Bee more than 8 years ago


You shouldn't base your opinion of your own beauty on talking assholes. They don't appreciate beauty, they appreciate small moments of feeling taller by stepping on "others" to reconfirm their delusional belief that "others" actually are "other" and "less" and that stepping on "others" actually does something other than make you an asshole. It doesn't. They are just assholes. I never feel beautiful when someone harasses me. I feel dirty and small. I feel beautiful when my girlfriend kisses me or when I help an old person carry their bag up the steps.

Lesedi more than 8 years ago


Hey süße Maus. Take it another way (pardon the pun). Maybe guys are a little affraid of you. Guys really hate to be made small or to feel embarrased, right? Maybe they think that you will, I dunno, say something back to make them feel stupid. Smile more...

Bob more than 8 years ago

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