Amok Mama: A politically correct paradox

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Can't CUNT be a compliment?

You are right and I understand that there is hardly a word that to express an insult better than the word cunt - and it is a big pleasure to say it. But as a thoughtful and by accident female person I wonder if there isn't a likewise powerful alternative to call out an asshole.

Veronicka more than 6 years ago


F*ck Jens and his typical ilk. Wanting to be all edgy and non PC but reacting offended when someone comments on his oh-so-edgy racist jokes, now that's some high level of entitlement (not rare though). Eff them. Spoil their racist fun whenever you can. If you can't come up with another way to be witty and edgy, you're a gross loser anyways. and a pathetic human being.
Also, apparently it makes you the racist to point something like that out because *you* "make it about racism". Apparently a majority of Germans believes that whenever it doesn't involve physical harm, as in, Nazi skins jumping on your skull or something, it's not really racism.

And no, in other countries this picture would have been pulled on account of its racism. It would not have been sardonic commentary. Spare me your German guilt complex. "In other countries this shit would be okay though" so what. The German majority is still very uncomfortable whenever someone questions their right to their everyday racism.

Kantorka more than 6 years ago

You missed the chance to point out

that in other countries, that slanty-eyed photo might be accepted as sardonic commentary. But this is Germany, so that would be impossible. "This is Jens. He's German, but not entirely humorless. Very literal-minded, though."

Doubleface more than 6 years ago

So true...

This is really true, but not just Germans...with many Europeans (well, people from all continents for that matter). But back to Germans, somehow it's socially acceptable for them to stubbornly refuse to apologize when called out on their ignorance,like it's their moral duty to stick to their original comment however stupid. Any black humor regarding WWII related, especially about the "H" though, they bristle at a 'cultural insensitivity.' I've gotten schooled by Germans when I corrected them I wasn't Chinese because apparently it was my fault for pointing out their misidentification.

Ky. K. more than 6 years ago


Next time, while introducing your German friend, just add the tagline, "This is Jens. He's German, but not a nazi. Very racist though."

If this is a game of being un-PC, that's how you win.

Also, as an Indian, I fucking hate "smelly indian" or "call center" jokes and nip them in the bud because the only thing people hate more than being called out for their racism is being called out by someone who can obviously make their wit more acidic than them.

K more than 6 years ago

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