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But doesn't she get into the Narnia beyond Narnia in the last one? I mean, their parents are there and the professor and Polly and everyone? I need to re-read. I love CS Lewis, you got to read his life story, it's really mad, he lived together w. an older woman and her teenage daughter and nobody knows if they were shagging or not and Tolkien hated her. Plus, he was always being tortured by God and stuff. I quite love him. I like him more than Graham Greene, who was also a believer

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

Depressing Narnia

I actually thought it was cruel that Susan was left behind because she grew up. There's a whole book in that sentence. Then again, C.S. Lewis always came across as a bit of a religious snob.

Steve Dix more than 9 years ago

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