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Silly article

"she's not a monster, she's just a Muslim." If you saw instead an Amish woman, would you say "She is a christian"?

Karolin more than 11 years ago

Yeah also

You see loads of headscarf girls wearing lipstick, eyeliner, tight, tight, tight jeans...also saw a girl in a half a burqa smoking the other day...and a headscarf girl who was pregnant smoking...I think we shouldn't take it too seriously, you know. It's a bit sexist, coz it kind of implies that you won't get raped, but only a bit, you know. That's all I wanted to say, really

Jacinta more than 11 years ago


Once Upon a Time (not so long ago) regular people were
protected from very deformed people because it caused the Norms anxiety and fear. The poor Norms. Now along come a few "Berlin Norms" showing the same fear and hate. Are you nuts? Just don't look.

Sure I'm sorry when it's blazing hot and women are wearing long black coats and scarves. But I also get a reaction when I pass a nun or a man wearing a suit and tie? Funny but most of us are able to weather them.

If you want to get frightened for good reason, look at the orthodox religions and you might notice it's not really what they're wearing but what they are saying. The whole lot of them are pretty intolerant. Now that is scary.

An irony...I was walking today in Neukoelln and the stores, mainly for Turkish customers, are filled with the sexiest, gaudiest most provocative clothing.
Being Muslim comes in many forms.

L.A. judith more than 11 years ago

what intolerance!

"They do not belong here. They are not a part of our race." J Goebbels on Jews. Same quote with primitive word "race" taken out and more trendy word "culture" put in place would be the motiff of this stupid article. Full of generalisations (how quickly burga becomes headscarf, Islamist becomes Muslim... oh, there's no mention of Islamist actually, just Muslim, Muslim, Muslim...brings me back to Goebbels, Jew, Jew, Jew... QED

what intolerance! more than 11 years ago international muslim matrimonials

yeah I can see the ad, too, I'm thinking of signing up and flicking through the photos, just out of interest.

and I'd like to ban burqas, too and headscarves. though sometimes I get jealous of the headscarf girls, 'cause some of them look really nice. you know, lovely fabric, bright colours, matching the shoes.
anyway, yeah we can't ban 'em, can we. it's really shit, but everytime I see one I want to rip it off their bodies. I know it seems totally racist and intolerant (i.e. German) of me, but it just clashes with so many of my believes and values. And I actually think they are inhumane.

I don't watch T. Cruise films though. On principle.

Berliner Schnauze more than 11 years ago

scroll down

does everyone see ads for muslim dating / marriage services under this article, or is it just me?
i am unsure which i find more disturbing.

anna more than 11 years ago

Did you hear about the Swiss cheese-shop owner who put a minaret on top of his cheese-shop in defiance of the ban? He thought the argument was full of holes.

Konrad more than 11 years ago

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