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Where's the Love?

Full disclosure, I'm from the U.S.. So whatever filter you find in my comments, well, that's the filter. I've been living in Berlin for more than 12 years. As for the blog post, it's entertaining to a degree. But where's the love. Ok, the shelf toilet... I don't know. One friend friend insists it's a trade-off: More smell in exchange for less back-splash. You know, different priorities I guess. Naked frisbee with grandma, I guess it could be worse. It could be naked frisbee with your neighbors kids as you attempt to seduce them, a result of a paranoid, sexually psychotic culture like where I come from. I'll take naked frisbee with grandma (although I've never actually witnessed this. Naked frisbee yes, but not with Grandma). Slippers, yes. Crazier is the insane reaction you get when opening two windows to create a nice breezy draft through the room. Germans would rather sweat it out and feel protected from the bacterial elements, I suppose. But, and could be a Berlin thing and not necessarily Germany-wide, these people understand personal freedom. Basically if you're not directly harming someone, do what you want and enjoy. And holy shit, when the sun comes out, it's a glorious transformation. The complaining I got used to, the same way I got used to the inane remarks about positive energy in California. I don't know, it's a wash. I love it here, and with it the people. Not all, perhaps not most, but many. No different anywhere, but at least here you can afford to have a life, a love, a family. It's a good thing.

Scot more than 11 years ago

in our defence..

really, I am German, but I have never, NEVER played frisbee naked with my nana. The truth is, that most Germans are very afraid of getting bikini stripes when tanning. Thats what makes FKK so popular. No clothes - no bikini stripes, its brilliant. Most of German rap music is not about slippers, as far as I know, but about how ghetto Neukölln is, which is largely the same. Germans aren't mad and unfriendly all the time, just in winter and when it rains, so for just about 9 months per year. Its not because of sicknesses though, we drink enough beer to have bodies, which are trained to resist negative influences. Although a few of my friends do carry hand desinfection stuff around, hm. But at least we don't take antibiotics until we're fatally sick, how about that? I agree on the Heidi Klum thing, but really, how can you say that Germans cannot dance? EVERYONE can dance to techno music. Its like extended shivering. The Germans totally got that down.

And to end this with a Goethe quote I learned in school: "Wo viel Licht ist, ist auch viel Schatten."

German girl more than 11 years ago

Mad but true

All true. Germans are actually madder than totally, totally mad. They're madder than a bag of mad badgers.

more than 11 years ago

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