Amok Mama: Best joke ever



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Clit Wanking

I love that phrase almost as much as descension day! That was a great coversation though ;)

Bob more than 8 years ago


It's Anglican isn't it? See am such a Heathen I never even noticed.

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

Nice nod to your Essex roots

Coming from Suffolk I only talk to Anglian priests too.

Sweetman more than 8 years ago


One might add that the idea of Jesus being the "son of God" was only agreed on in 325 AD during the First Council of Nicaea.

My private theory is based on different source-material though:

Mike more than 8 years ago

Bit early in the year isn't it?

Plus, physical bodies are just molecules which are just atoms which are just energy condensced into matter, so it's more than plausible.

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

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