Amok Mama: But where's your soup?



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Efficience isn't everything...

it's funny, how attached we get to the products we have in our supermarkets. In a way they are kind of the same thing, but then again not really. Even the people that work in supermarkets can vary greatly... In England the people (and I'm not kidding) take their time at the tills. They chat a little (they are English after all), so it can take a good 20 minutes to buy a couple of Heinz cans and the sad attempt of what the English call "bread". But I got used to it. It adds a nice little detail to your everyday, when you know the people who work in your supermarket and sometimes the people you are waiting with talk to you. Which is nice.
Once I took an English friend to Aldi, and he could not deal with it. It was kind of funny. We had bought quite a bit and the lady behind the till was scanning everything as efficiently as possible, so fast actually that the friend forgot to pack but instead stood there in amazement. Which of course made everyone angry when it came to paying "Sie haben noch nicht eingepackt? Na, Zeit hamse ja die Jungen Leute". (You haven't packed yet? Kids these days, have too much time on their hands..."
I do miss the English Supermarkets, sometimes I wonder though, who needs 400 cereals to chose from? Nonetheless, I would give everything for a good Tikka Masala (not for breakfast maybe...)

Janina Gallert more than 11 years ago

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