Amok Mama: Capitalism has failed



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Not bad

same thing can't be said about the commenters below though. Who are either entrenched or simply dumb. Most likely both.

zhao more than 7 years ago

Admit it,

you're just slumming...

Maurice T Frank more than 7 years ago

pay rise

is this your subtle way of telling me I'm getting a pay rise for Christmas?

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

"I don't understand economics...

But I'm convinced capitalism has failed." Oh really? How would you even begin to know? And besides, if the banks printed up all that money and handed it out to the poor people of Neu Koelln, then it wouldn't be nearly as exciting or edgy or gritty to live there, would it? How bourgeois middle class to run around saying how interesting it is to live in poverty while bemoaning poverty.

Living in Steglitz would be more honest, wouldn't it?

Josef Ackermann more than 7 years ago

apply logic, delusion

The bourgeois middle class does not live in poverty: they might invest into housing in Xberg, but they would not send their kids there. A single mum living in Newkoelln lives where she lives coz she can't afford Steglitz, my dear.

exhe more than 7 years ago

Bit fuzzy

I found your labelling of the present system as "crap Socialism" very interesting and quite suprising - those disappointed with the present situation tend to plump for a critiqie of pure capitalism to explain present ills. Two things however. 1) homelessness is not always due to poverty or even capitalism. I have worked with and met a lot of homelss people who lost everything and live rough due to a range of problems which currently prevent them from taking advantage of the provision to which they are currently entitled. As for the contention that people are somehow forced into buying things by capitalism - rubbish. Acquisitiveness is a human trait. 2) Negative and blanket criticism - along the lines "everything is bad" - without any constructive criticism is dangerous. There are plenty of whackos out there on both the left and the right who know exactly what they would bring in once Russel Brand has led his open-ended revolution. Bit dangerous that.

Andrew Smith more than 7 years ago

dangerous was critical thinking in the GDR...

Since when the critical thinking has become dangerous? If that dangerous thinking has been so dangerous we would have to work at a dilapidated fabric with poor working conditions 14 hours a day with no days off with the exception of our kids who under the age of 6 might have to work relaxing 10 hours a day. Arbeit macht frei!!!

exhe more than 7 years ago

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