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Colgatec US Cunts

Colgate are crass US cunts -a bit like Mars but more cuntish.
Fuck them -fuck them good (do not buy their shit products)
They are cunts -send them out to the territories that they
have fucked up. FUCK COLGATE PALMOIVE -they are US

J Vickers more than 8 years ago

I know nothing.

Well that's it - I know nothing but Amok is always funny and she can punctuate!

amok's old teacher more than 8 years ago


I meant: "I wouldn't be still reading it, had I thought you had become boring."

Aude more than 8 years ago

Funny thing,

... I was just about to tell you about it. I'm not sure I've noticed any particular change in the way you write, I, personally, have always thought you "flowed". However, I've recently noticed a big change in what you actually say in your texts. You talk a lot about Rico, for instance, and about your relationship with him, about parenting and your doubts on certain related subjects... which is quite as good, in fact, but so, so different!

You also do a bit of what we could call "meta-blogging", that is to say blogging about what it is to blog, to be a blogger and having friends who do or do not read your blog.

The most striking elements of that change is that it's been really sudden, in my opinion, and that you do not sound as rebellious and outraged as you used to be. As though you had found peace, or whatever you want to call it.

On the other hand (funny part coming up), Ben's blog is getting more and more like your blog used to be (on subjects like social gap, racism, homelessness etc), as if you had swapped roles, or something. I wouldn't be surprised to read hateful comments on his blog pretty soon, which would be good as I remember him complaining about not getting any ;).

But to get back to you, remember the video I showed you with the Femen? I'm sure you do, it was terrible. Well, I'm pretty sure that you would have blogged about this a few years ago, with no hesitation whatsoever. (I'm not resentful that you didn't, I hope you don't think I am). You would have blogged about this, written a messy text full of fucks fucks fucks and cunts and "you hate me because I have a vagina and you want me to die". It may not have been as beautiful and as relevant as your most recent posts, probably not. But I have the feeling that you couldn't have prevented yourself from blogging about it, you see what I mean? I believe your GUTS would have commanded you to do so.

I do love the new you, though. I still spend the week waiting for your next blog post. You wouldn't be still reading it, had I thought you had become boring. Anyways, congrats on being happy, and on "skiing your way through life like you're James fucking Bond in a Colgate advert" (see? you still have your incomparable talent to express things, and the compliment comes from a published author!).

Aude more than 8 years ago

+1 reader

I think the fact you gave us this nice little anecdote indicates of your confidence and skill as a commentator, which imho, shouldn't be marred by the a Septic Tank who dipped his toe in the pool of 'everything outside the USA' and got a cold. For what its worth, its the first time I've read your writing and though anecdotal I will be back to see what the future has in store.

Rob more than 8 years ago

+1 reader

I think the fact you gave us this anecdote, is indicative of your confidence and skill as a journalist. Don't let the only Septic who dipped their toe in the pool of 'everything outside the USA' worry you. For what its worth, this was my first read of your blog, its amused me and I shall read again.

Rob more than 8 years ago

Do you

Really expect us to tell you your writing is improving. It is hilarious and I love&enjoy reading your blog.

J more than 8 years ago


Like - there are twelve of them in there. If it wasn't for the 'innit' I'd say the Yanks got you in the end. Not impressed, Madame Shakespeare.

Mike more than 8 years ago

jacinta high five !

Don't worry about 'flowing'. We love the way you run amok :)

anuradha ananth more than 8 years ago

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