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Not in favour of teaching kids to say Neger at home and black in school

Exactly because they are kids, I think it is easier if you just tell them it's a bad word.

I don't think we need to pretend bad words don't exist, I'm finding this debate really insane to be honest.

Have you ever called a black person a nigger? Have you ever gone up to black person and said I think you're a nigger? Would you if you taught in a primary school tell your kids to do so? Obviously we have some standards we don't say cunt in front of the Queen we don't say fuck in front of our parents. I mean, schools are all about teaching the kids to say werfen instead of schmeissen when they're writing essays and stuff, I think they can handle the fact that Neger is a bad word now. Of course racism is worse than the word Neger and a lot of people who say "mit Migrationshintergrund" or "farbiger" are just as racist as people who don't. But nobody ever became less racist through being called a Neger or being told aged five that the word comes from the Latin for black.

Jacinta more than 6 years ago

"Political correctness isn't about solving the problems of racism"

Then it can be concluded that political correctness is not, after all, good for much!

“It's just manners, basic manners. I really don't mind people using the word nigger or Neger if they want to, however I don't think they should do it in schools, just like how they don't use the word Fotze in school. There's a time & place for everything” This is just as hypocritical as political correctness itself and this, Jacinta, whether you like it or not, is the fundamental problem

Political correctness basically says and teaches that, instead of calling someone a big, hollow vagina; for civility's sake, and it's good manners, drop 'hollow vagina' and call them a big cunt. Mind you, forgive my vulgarities but I am under the impression it comes as no shocker to you and therefore you won't take offence, given that the same or similar vulgarities are common in your blog.

“The reason we wouldn't do this is 10% maybe 15% empathy, 40%, 35% manners and 50% fear of being punched in the face.”
No, the only 100% reason we wouldn’t is out of ignorance of the true meaning of the word ‘Neger’ which was deliberately changed and therefore taken out of its real context and meaning and, in turn, given a derogatory meaning to denigrate and project the so called ‘black’ people as a ‘dirty’ specie.

“And of course the terms black and white are stupid, and are in themselves pretty racist but that doesn't mean our best bet is we should start teaching five-year-old German schoolkids the word Neger”

Jacinta, forgive me for being so blunt, but it is precisely this kind of mindset and reasoning that’s behind political correctness, of glossing over the issue rather than addressing the issue from its root causes. You know, like preferring to massage pain to finding and eliminating the cause of it.

That’s the preferred approach by the proponents of political correctness and that’s exactly what it does to serve, teach people to be hypocritical about their racism; say or tell the kids one thing at home, at dinner tables and expect them or advise them to say something else, use a different language, while at and around school premises. Nothing is or can be more weird than this. This is incredible hypocrisy of unimaginable magnitude!

Will you please ensure that Exberliner appropriates prime space for ""Blacks are not niggers but niggers can be black"" and publishes it as an article rather than as a comment. Let's see what reaction is generates on this debate.

Ganja more than 6 years ago

Everyone accepts

that we shouldn't teach five-year-olds the word cunt or to spit in people's faces, so why not teach them to be polite to black and disabled people too? i think getting so angry about the hypocrisy of teaching young children to be polite to minorities comes from a resentment of said minorities which is merely a consequence of white supremacy,

Jacinta more than 6 years ago

Dr Ivan Van Sertima...

"All people have black blood" Is this a racist statement or is it a widely known FACT better dealt with and addressed by DENIAL to perpetuate and maintain a status-quo of, either intentional or unintentional mass ignorance, to promote the idea that a particular one race, is 'superior' over and above other human races?

Ganja more than 6 years ago

"Blacks are not niggers but niggers can be black"

Exberliner should, in all seriousness, consider publishing this as a standalone article rather than as a comment. This is deep; the message is deep and addresses the basic approach to dealing with the issue of the language of racism rather than prescribing political correctness as a solution; which is nothing else except hypocrisy to gloss over serious issues while not addressing the issues themselves.

Political correctness does not and is not intended, on purpose, to address or solve issues of racism; it merely encourages subtle and indirect racism, which is no different from raw and direct racism. Instead of calling them 'Niggers' call them 'black' or that other extremely derogatory term, 'coloured' people.

Well, they can't surely be 'black' and 'coloured' at the same time, or can the two terms used interchangeably. If something is 'black', then it has a colour, a single recognisable colour and therefore cannot be 'coloured' at the same time. There’s no question or debate about this!
If you call them 'black' then you will surely agree that they can't be anything else, not 'coloured' but 'black' and therefore calling a 'black' person 'coloured' is to say, that person is not 'black' but of multiple shades of skin colour. I am yet to see or meet a 'black' person whose skin colour changes with and according to the weather conditions, be it under direct contact with the sun or, according to ‘The Black Boy’, kissed by the sun.

If however your skin colour is affected by and changes according to weather conditions, you might as well start considering yourself a 'coloured' person.

Ganja more than 6 years ago

Political correctness isn't about solving the problems of racism

It's just manners, basic manners. I really don't mind people using the word nigger or Neger if they want to, however I don't think they should do it in schools, just like how they don't use the word Fotze in school. There's a time & place for everything.

I think we're all racist, I think racism is a natural state of being and we should accept that we are all racist rather than pretending we want to use the word "Neger" because we are so not racist we've come out on the other side.

I don't really understand your comment. I would never call a black person nigger to their face and neither would you. The reason we wouldn't do this is 10% maybe 15% empathy, 40%, 35% manners and 50% fear of being punched in the face. So therefore words have different meanings and some words are more appropriate than others.

And of course black people tan in the sun, don't be weird. Did you leave a not out? Or do you think black people don't tan? I find that bit a bit weird, to be honest. Everyone's skin gets darker in the sun, black people look more black, Indians start looking darker, Italians start looking darker, white people go pink or orange.

And of course the terms black and white are stupid, and are in themselves pretty racist but that doesn't mean our best bet is we should start teaching five-year-old German schoolkids the word Neger.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Blacks are not niggers but niggers can be black.

True! nigger is not black but can, and is used by some to mean black and thus not a bad thing, Respected by the sun himself, I stand tall in his wake while the less fortunate shy away in agony.
Those who understand this are in awe at my blessing, the ignorant turn to ridicule and name calling.

Niggers are white,
Niggers are black,
niggers are coloured,
Niggers are colourless,
Niggers come in all shapes and sizes,

They all have one thing in common and it is not the colour of their skin,
It is not the continent they live in,
It is not their ancestry,

It is the loss of their mind to their oppressor.

Niggers have been educated,
Niggers have been trained,
Niggers have been sold,
Niggers have been chained,
Niggers have been starved
Niggers have been made to beg,
Niggers have been at his mercy
Niggers have been fed his garbage,

Niggers have always been niggers,
Niggers are still niggers,
Niggers will always be niggers

Their language is prescribed, the political correctness nonsense, they are niggers.
Nigger sees, nigger does, nigger never thinks.

They call me nigger, they are ignorant sheeple.
They call themselves whatever, they are ill educated sheeple,
They call everyone else names they do not understand, they are sheeple

Niggers have a dress code, it is prescribed,
Niggers have a vocab code, they speak political correctness nonsense,
Niggers have a common view, it is given to them

Niggers are predictable, they have been trained.


To call me nigger is to call me black and I am in no way offended by being me, least of all when called so by some half retard looking for a cheap shot at my sun kissed skin.

I have been called nigger but only once to my face, keeping my cool I demanded his meaning...

"nigger as in the true sense of a nigger or just a reference to my beautiful colour?" I asked.

On lookers were quick to condemn his comment, they were in for something different that day.
A police officer intervened with the intention of placing charges against him but my statement would be key, I was only ready to make a loud statement to which the officer affirmed.

"This nigger called me nigger because I am black and I take no offence from an ignorant misguided hooligan using the words whose meaning is far from his short reach, I call him nigger because he fits the true description of a nigger and hopefully he takes no offence from such a careful and honest observation."
"Officer, I do not wish to place charges against a product of your system that fosters thoughtless usage of political correctness nonsense language".

My thought:
Guide your daughter in the correct usage of the words rather that hiding them from her innocent curiosity cause soon or later she will face the "N" word and might not be able to deal with it.

The Black Boy more than 6 years ago

Black is different to Neger oder.

I always say black and schwarz in English and German, I've never said Neger though, not purposely, not to a person.

I think there's a really clear diff. betw. black & Neger, personally.

But I don't mind people saying Neger year, I just think they should admit they want to say it coz they're a bit racist. And not say it to little children.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Word game in a borrowed language

Mavros, Mauri, Moor, negra, nigro, nigga, black, sun kissed, black beauty,......
Words that have been used to refer to the beautiful people so blessed with the precious melanin,
A people respected by the sun,
One who intends to offend me using such words that remind me of my beauty and blessings is certainly chasing a red herring.
There is certainly nothing wrong with the words, and yet a united strong force exists to remind us not to use them in reference to a race of people who might be categorised as black in case we "offend" them.
This force hides behind the so called political correctness and fosters the association of these words with a negative meaning.
@Jacinta: True the people who have bananas thrown at them are not evil, in fact they are not referred to as such in the text you are responding to (by Ganja), I would say that they have fallen prey to the word game in the borrowed language of their oppressor.

I want to say black because to be honest that is what I have always been called, and that is how I refer to black people regardless of the shade of their skin colour.
I am also yet to find anything wrong with being black.

To call me the black boy is rather nice to me, and an addition of cute firm black ass would be well appreciated, there is the beautiful black head but you'd have to be an insider to appreciate that and if you really know your black guy (or negro for those who are comfortable with the word) he has a well known package that many ladies will appreciate.

To say one shouldn't call me black creates a big problem for me:
How else can you refer to my sun kissed skin and all that comes with it.
Black ass, black head, black hair, black d**k. (imagine this: African - American dick...... how silly does this sound? and that brother might not even be American)

To say one shouldn't use the word black in reference to black people deletes them from history.
Having been called black from as far back as I have read (4000 BC) until this political correctness nonsense intervened, if we didn't refer to them as such, their deeds as accounted in text (especially those yet to be discovered) will be lost.
Those kids you would prevent from using the words black, negro, mavros, mauri, moor, etc, will one day read Herodotus and have no connection to the inference of his works.
Given the small amount and incompleteness of most of the original historical material that survives today and how much most of history is retold based on such scanty sources, a single word can alter our interpretation.

To say you don't want to call them black in case you effend them is to say being black is bad.
Fight ignorance, open your mind, do not take my word for it, think, break loose from the chains of political correctness

Only a message of free thinking, I may sound rigid in making my point but please discuss.
Hopefully I have convinced you that you can and indeed you should call me black (but only with a smile and after we agree to say "du" to each other :)

The Black Boy more than 6 years ago

No I don't think

that the people who get upset at having bananas thrown at them are as evil as the people throwing the bananas. I don't even think they're being particularly paranoid, to be honest, but even supposing you're right it's not a monkey metaphor I think they shouldn't use bananas as missiles at football games anyways.

Jacinta more than 6 years ago

Bad words exist, true, but who makes them bad?

If we didn't have this an unexplained knack for negativity and ways of hurting other's feelings; perhaps, and I say perhaps with a genuine faint hope, things would be different and we would either; a) have less offensive words (bad words) or; b) none at all. Total bliss and you might laugh at me for my overly simplistic utopian dreams; which would be a gracious delight coming from you, Jacinta! I wouldn't take offence;-)

But seriously, in as much as we have all these repulsive and abusive words, the reaction or rather our reaction whenever someone, mostly out of sheer ignorance, uses them is unbelievably over the top and in a way does more harm than any intend or supposed good. It does more to validate and quite unnecessarily; a) the actions and behaviour of the person using the words and; b) the word/s or language used. This should not be interpreted as advocating for inaction; no, it is more a call for reason.

I will use the most common behaviour by football fans across Europe during matches in which there are 'black' players; from time to time, you see bananas thrown on football fields or some misguided fan nibbling on a banana in a gesture that is, apparently, supposed to mock those 'black' players as monkeys.

Where I clearly get hazy is on how that banana eating gesture is assumed to mean 'black' and not 'white' or any other people and why 'black' people accepted that as a pejorative description of them.

Surely people of all races eat bananas, 'black', 'white' and all; and therefore that gesture, if it is meant to be racist or abusive, it surely insults everyone, regardless of race, who has ever eaten and still eats bananas. It implies that anyone who eats or has ever eaten bananas is a monkey.

The blame is as much on those who invent abusive, racist, words/language, those who use such words/language, as is to those who accept it as offensive, racist and feel offended by it.

If you choose to see a monkey in anyone, 'black' or 'white' or anyone else, I guarantee you, you will see a monkey because we all have some striking similarities to primates.

The problem is much bigger than 'nigga' or 'monkeys' and the kind of window dressing that is encouraged by political correctness. Political correctness is glossing over the problems and it's not a sustainable approach to muzzle people just to give an impression of harmony.

The real problem is that 'black' people allowed 'white' people to define a language for them; what is and isn't good for them, how they should live and 'black' people are on the mercy of 'white' people, and you cannot negotiate with someone whose mercy you live on.

Ganja more than 6 years ago

Nothing wrong with the word Neger, the people are fucked...

I do genuinely think that the problem is not the word Niger or however else it's written, but in the very manner of the use of the it; the tone and attitude with which it is used. Therein, lies the problem and not the word itself.
Suppose, for instance, you start using the word 'German' to mean and refer to 'Nazi' and anyone ideologically, even remotely, sympathetic to 'Nazism', and soon enough people pick on it and adopt it into their language and soon it becomes mainstream but with a negative connotation. Every time you hear the word 'German', instinctively and automatically, you think to yourself, oh, that means 'Nazi' but 'German' is not 'Nazi'. That's the same with Neger; it was carefully crafted to give a negative connotation, basically to project a people called 'black' as something dirty, something worthless. But if you replace the word 'Black' with 'White' and 'Neger' with 'pig', you might start to regard 'White' and 'pig' as bad words, repulsive, racist and whatever else 'isms', as the words 'Neger' and 'Black' are instinctively regarded.

Ganja more than 6 years ago

Yeah of course it's mad that some words are bad

Like it's bad that cunt is such a bad word but only one letter away from can't or count so it's totally mad and random, you're right. But best thing to do is not to pretend that bad words don't exist, surely?

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago


sesin more than 6 years ago

How do you meet so many stupid people?

Maybe you should move to another neighborhood.

Meineke Mensa more than 6 years ago

stupid people

I don't think my friends are überdurchschnittlich stupid, I think at least 75% of Germans aged thirty and over would vote to keep the N-word in kids' books if given the choice

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

stupid people

People who would vote to keep the N-word in kids' books are stupid..period. People, sorry kids who read the N-word in those books don't learn anything about the German colonial past nor about the history of the word as there is nothing written about it in those books. Teacher and parents should teach the kids about it in school and at home!

CN more than 6 years ago

Yeah but

It's not an IQ question - Germany as a nation is collectively dumb on this issue.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

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