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He's wrong.

It can take long or short, years or months, no matter how long the relationship lasted. What matters is how deeply you've been touched. The real thing (can happen more than one time, but not very often), you'll never forget. But it can be covered by the next real thing.

André more than 4 years ago


Loads of people who don't know me think I am still not over my ex but people who know me are like: "She's basically over him, you should've heard her talking two years ago."

Jacinta Nandi more than 4 years ago


I think if one part of a couple dies it's harder to get over it. People usually break up because the relationship's not working, but if someone dies, it's not really an indictment of how you were 'working.'

James Harris more than 6 years ago

yeah but

if you're the one who had the guts to say "This isn't working, let's end it" then OF COURSE it is easier but if you were just secretly hoping things would get better/repressing your doubts/fairly happy in the relationship then I am not sure how much comfort you get from the fact that the relationship wasn't working....I had a double-whammy really coz I also had to cope w. "Ryan" & the fact that he was devastated etc but he also seems totally over it now. But only back in autumn we had a big fight and he screamed at me: "I want to go and live with Peter!" which I found really sweet & slightly heartbreaking.

Jacinta more than 6 years ago


3 more days to go!

Lily more than 6 years ago


LOVE this. I was in love with someone for nearly a decade, and it only took about six months for me to let it all go and find something better. Andy speaks the truth!

Julie Langdale more than 6 years ago

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