Amok Mama: Embracing veganity

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I second putting coconut milk in your tea. Good luck!

Emily more than 5 years ago

vegan myself

long time reader, first time commenting.
Berlin is a vegan mecca, on the forefront in europe for sure.
for milk substitutes in your tea, try Almond milk (or coconut milk or rice milk).

Veganz, the all vegan grocery store has a couple locations in Berlin. Convenient and will get you acquainted with vegan products/brands which will eventually become your new normal.
also the Vegane Gesellschaft Deutschland, and VEBU are great resources.

Nate more than 5 years ago

You can do it! and very easily in Berlin

Glad you are giving it a try! it is a very and fun in Berlin, with so many options and good brunch as well.
check this app out
and my fave blog full of yummy recipes

Simona more than 5 years ago

Road to veganism!

One can't but agree with everything u said here - except for the screwdriver thing, which is simply diabolic - for it seems the terrain and travails leading upto to veganity are all the same with every non vegetarian.. Though I turned non-veg only almost a decade ago and even if my day to day diet is mostly veg, I must accept that the very idea of turning vegan is quiet daunting, especially when one clearly understands the distinction b/w veganism and vegetarianism.
I hope the following links may be helpful @

I will be happy to provide any help or info I can, since one of my friend from berlin has already helped me greatly with it. Also, It wud be a pleasure to direct you to my friend in berlin who without doubt is not just a great person but also an information bank on veganism.. All the best :)

Saurabh Goel more than 5 years ago


honestly don't think you have to become totally 100% vegan - living a life with your eyes open is the way you do it! I really like the idea of vegan, but I cannot do it. Not forever. So what I do, is eating vegan most of the time, because I like to, but allow myself some milk or eggs, otherwise it would break me. Eating with your full consciousness is better than forcing yourself to something that your body might be against - and you will also be able to go on with it. Don't force yourself, just see what happens! Good luck, you will find your way! :)

Sam Murakami more than 5 years ago

Mindful veganist

I so much agree with the idea of being conscious of what you eat and gradually let yourself be squeezed into veganism, rather than just shutting it all down at once, which may make it feel like a punishment..

Saurabh Goel more than 5 years ago

You can do it!

Its super easy and fun to be vegan in Berlin! You can get those Sudanese wraps with tofu and peanut sauce, and tons of Turkish food is vegan, and there is even a vegan fast food shop in Kreuzberg... I think the secret is to have plenty of junk food at first. Those little faux chicken nuggets are good, and the soy stuff you can put in Spag Bog is also really nice. The queen of all vegan cooking, however, if Isa Chandra Moskowitz, so check out her site and it will change your life. Also there is a cool German vegan blog:


Ts more than 5 years ago

Veganism is Fascist.

It separates us from the animal kingdom. Admit that all will someday die and embrace the cycle of life.

A Carrot more than 5 years ago

it's a real lifestyle change...

similar to being into yoga - 'practising yoga' - it takes a world of real commitment (and willpower!) i'd recommend picking up 'Animal Ingredients A-toZ'.

it's the quintessential playbook for folks going vegan.

best of luck.

(and for the love of christ, don't say 'veganity'. it's a tad too close to vanity...and i'm sure that wasn't your intention.)

matt. more than 5 years ago

I knew a boy at uni

who used to say lesbianity. this was in homage to him.

Jacinta Nandi more than 5 years ago


... PG Tips with milk...

anna more than 5 years ago

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