Amok Mama: Exberliner's next intern



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Naughty girl Therese!

Well, your NY resolution obviously wasn't to diligently read all Amok Mama blogs, was it?'s-resolutions/

PS@Aude: oui, il est en allemande aka Krautspeak

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


The last time I read your blog, your son was called Rico. What happened?

Therese more than 8 years ago

Your book

Haven't read your book yet, unfortunately... Where can I find it? It's in bloody german, isn't it?

Aude more than 8 years ago

EXBERLINER doesn't give me a free copy of the magazine.

In fact, Maurice comes over and steals all my old copies.

D. Strauss more than 8 years ago

I always feel like

thieving a copy of my book if I see it in Hugeldubel or somewhere. Have you read my book yet, Aude? You could scan it into Google translate and read it en francais

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Copies for free

I so get it! It felt really good to get my very own ten copies of the book I wrote, to get them for free, you know? Even though I've written it and did all the work, it feels so much like a privilege! The editor was a small one. But I'm sure many authors or author-wanna-bes would actually pay to have their name written on the cover of a book published by Gallimard, for example. So getting it for free (getting TEN copies!) is really cool. Really cool.

Aude more than 8 years ago

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