Amok Mama: Fish 'n' Chips & Spreewaldgurken



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Yeah for sure

Go on the Amazon website and buy the Kindle version....if you're not boycotting coz of the rape T-shirts

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

e-book & Thatcher

Can you get it as an e-book, too?

On an unrelated note - better a wee bit of self-hatred than unreflected pride, I'd say. Guy from my department touted what great things Maggie did for "this country" - in a pub in Liverpool, mind you. In all fairness to the scousers: they almost made him pay through the nose for that one.

Anyway where was I? Is it available as an e-book?

Mike more than 7 years ago


You should have told him to take a long read off a short paragraph.

rather more than 7 years ago

I could say that about any group of people...

Example : Canadian's we have a self hate for always apologizing which is pretty specific. Or being cold to next door neighbours, when we're so helpful to foreigners.

And most people of every Nation in every city on trams, or in the public arena are too quiet about racists and sexist idiots, ( skinheads, old men ) or obnoxious NHL hockey or American football fans.

And the german myth of not liking kids thing? I've spent time on transit and around big public places in several different cities with my nephew and other kids and not really seen any more or less annoyance of children. I think thats more who your with and what ages your hanging around with. Older germans have been quite nice to my nephew. As well as young adults... Teens everywhere are blase everywhere.... abut kids...

David Raun more than 7 years ago

Henry is Julie Colthorpe's cat

True fact

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

Oh Henry

He's obviously the dude who bought you the Vodka.

But the broken-EC-card trick. That's a good one.

Drew Portnoy more than 7 years ago

Errr, really?

What a pointless piece of text

henry more than 7 years ago

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