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Chivalry was once an attribute of a true gentleman before it was bulldozed by jilted destructively angry feminists.

Dave Chappel, in one of his lucid and illuminating satirical comedies, said or rather satirically declared, that chivalry is dead; and went on to state that it was killed by women.
He wasn't wrong, or being just a comedian and therefore funny; he was spot on.

The really hardcore, compulsively and impulsively and arguably pathological man hating feminists succeeded in creating and fostering an environment in which women are instinctively hardwired to treat men, in the best case scenario, with suspicion and, in the worst case scenario, as potential rapists bidding their time, waiting for the 'right' moment to strike at them and commit a crime of rape. And therefore, the onus is usually up to the men to prove to women otherwise contrary to their suspicion; to prove they really are up to good intentions and not evil, which the feminist propaganda machine has done a jolly good job of pounding and thus conditioning into women's psych to see evil even in the company of an angel.

Ganja 's perspective more than 6 years ago

It is lovely when you're in London and boys help you schlep your suitcases

It really is such a Scheingleichberechtigung, the way German girls pretend they are exactly as strong as men and have to lug huge crates of beer upstairs etc. My friend Marianne when I first got here she was so PROUD of it - I can carry as much as a man - she was about 30 kilos and four foot, yeah - whereas I have a bad back yeah? And literally I can't carry stuff. But the boys we were hanging out with just wouldn't carry more. They literally just schlepped their "fair share" and not one crate more, you know. And it's a bit pathetic coz men really are stronger than women so expecting us to carry as much as them is not equality at all, it's making us work harder.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

I agree

totally with comment below, problem in Germany is anything but too much politeness. Unlike in EVERY OTHER civilized country, people here rarely give up a seat on the bus for a pregnant women or elderly person, and German men typically look the other way if you are struggling with a suitcase. And everyone could stand to stop yelling at eachother in the street unless its truly deserved (this problem being solved in America by common understanding that almost everyone is carrying a gun.)

t more than 6 years ago

It's insane

that your friend thinks he's special for being a gentleman. Tells you something about the dire state of Germany. It's so lame when you hold open a door for a German and she gives you a funny look and tries to rush through the door so that she doesn't allow herself a chance to enjoy this tiny bit of inconsequential attention. As if she'd have to pay you in sex or something if she showed any appreciation... Perhaps all forms of friendliness should initially be viewed as something positive, rather than with suspicion. Besides, what gets overlooked is that gentlemen (and gentlewomen) hold open doors for men too.

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago

Humans being nice to humans

That's exactly the thing--I try to be a good human, so I hold the door for other humans, whether they be male or female. I happen to be a female human, and short, so often when I was in Germany, tall men would reach over my head to reverse my favor and hold the door for me. That pissed me off because it was like I wasn't allowed to be a good human, wasn't allowed to pay a small favor to others because I happen to be a woman. I don't mind a man holding a door for me, but taking a door from me I'm holding for him? That is the height of assholery. You know, pretty much any able-bodied person can open a fucking door. I don't actually need help, it's just a courtesy the first person getting to a door can pay to others.

Isoperla more than 6 years ago


Yeah but they thought they were being nice as well, didn't they.

It is a bit of a minefield all this stuff I think your best bet is to have such bad manners you never notice if other people have bad manners unless they actually start shouting in your face and stuff.

I do feel like Germans get manners a bit wrong, like they think they're meant to lecture others on manners when really if you have good manners you should just keep it to yourself and set a good example

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

I didn't mean to write my name as a title

I thought that was the name box and now I can't edit it

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

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