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Worldwide hipsters united

Saying that hipsters can only come from New York or Spain or London just goes to show she doesn't know anything about hipsters. I'm from Portland, OR and the place is filled to the brim with hipsters, as is most of the US West Coast. So yeah, hipsters can totally come from Alaska. And they get bonus points because they're coming from Sarah Palin-country where hipsters are rare.

Isoperla more than 9 years ago

Yeah but

Walter that Nigella versus Gillian thing has been on the internet since Herbst, so I can't talk

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

The internet is cool!

Enough with that FUCKING video? Are you 16 and just discovered the internet (although that's a bit late, isn't it)? Get something new.

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago

'cos being a dickhead cool!

Margharita Trustafarian more than 9 years ago

vice don'ts

i really wish they'd move on. hipsters & the haters (usually hipsters, agreed mama).

i mean, coming from melbourne, i thought i'd had enough hipsters for a lifetime, but they are as berlin as dog-shit & broken glass.

how i secretly yearned for the day hipsters would move on from my beloved black jeans (bogan when i started wearing them at 16, now somehow trendy?) and docs, but now this red pants thing and the whole sailor navy stripes & white with beige on brown on sandstone and boatshoes AGAIN? it's just, i mean, are we amsterdam now, really?

i'm all for style, but please get back to doing your own thing, people. i swear, sometimes it seems there are more sheep in this city than the whole of new zealand.

herr james more than 9 years ago

keep it just the way things are

I actually like wearing snazzy clothes, or - at least - my pixelated facebook clone does!

Odot Kdot more than 9 years ago

bring back berlin

hmm I am having déjà-vu reading this :)

scuba girl more than 9 years ago

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