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Apparently you haven't been here long enough. Of course there are tampons with applicator.
The expensive comfy ones from o.b. (which stands for ohne binde. didn't know that myself) for those of you who live in Charlottenburg:
The cheapo ones from Schlecker, for all Neukölln bitches:
And the 120% bio, non-chlorine, we're-one-with mother-nature-ones that you can only buy in Reformhaus etc for the environment and health conscious female expat in Prenzlauer Berg.

Hate Remoulade on those sandwiches as well.

Smileys, hm yeah alright, seem to be using them quite a lot. but then, we never use xxx (which is associated more with the porn industry over here than with kissing) at the end of txts, e-mails, facebook comments...and we don't say love you to absolutely EVERYONE, and we are only mildly humorous, so this is the little bit of friendliness that we can acutally bring ourselves to display and it's so much easier in it's written form than actually smiling at someone in real life.


Berliner Schnauze more than 11 years ago


funny :-)

mark437 more than 11 years ago


I so love to not be sold anything because I'm too stupid to understand either what they're trying to sell me, or the clever way they're trying to sell it to me

And I can't read the bad news in the newspaper (well, the headlines I can) so I can ignore the horrors of the world

Now if only Germans could stop being so serious and smile a bit more this place could be a paradise!

chimp more than 11 years ago


It´s great to hear like minded people sound off. I feel as though maybe I am not so crazy. German men - sexy and hung but stupid with intimacy issues . Actually perfekt ....Breakfast for one is cheaper. German women. Mmmm Lorrach anyone ? Whoah these ladies are off the hook. No automatic rifles for Germans please ! It´s a bit too soon... I can´t believe they are so proud of their gun laws yet there are 10 million weapons stored ( legally ? ) in homes here in G-town. TV is so crap that I love it. I hate Remoulade as well. I hope all the genetic women get applicator tampons soon , maybe then they will stop killing thier own kids and freezing them over the winter in flowerboxes. I also hope that the price of my Betriebskostenabrechnung would suddenly drop without me writing another wiederspruch , and that I find a man who is not married has a huge thing between his legs and does NOT have intimacy issues. Doctor , lawyer, judge, etc. Until then I will drink my MArkus Gold Coffee from aldi and endure thousands of smileys and passive agressive jerks ( yes , the gays do that too ). Cu @ KaDeWe ( 6th floor bathrooms... was that you Judge Reinholdt Richter ? )

Legendary more than 11 years ago


The smileys! Always the damned smileys.
And i cant help it, i smiley back! I've never used so many bloody emoticons in my life. :O

Neeeeeeeeein!! :((

Gathoni more than 11 years ago


HELLO Seymour, my things are totally totally annoying and yours is fairly praktisch. What about those mad Kindergeburtstagratgeberbücher written by people who are basically clinically insane where they say you should invite as many kids as your child is old? Those mad bitches need help, man

Jacinta Nandi more than 11 years ago

What REALLY gets me...

...about the Germans is the way that if a couple has their birthdays within half a year of one another, they'll pool the two parties into one generic party and you don't really know whose birthdasy it is anyway and its never on either one's actual birthday. They'll always explain it with "praktisch" if that was a good excuse to have one instead of two parties.

Reinfeiern is a pretty good tradition on the other hand.

Seymour more than 11 years ago


Absolutely right about the oven gloves!!!

Änne Troester more than 11 years ago

Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh also do that, I think it makes em look bit Madonnaesquey

Nandi Pamby more than 11 years ago

What I don't like is the way the stand-up comedians wear those mics that stick to your face - That really gets to me. What do they need both hands free for? Gesticulation doesn't add anything to the art of stand-up.

Konrad more than 11 years ago

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