Amok Mama: I would pay August Diehl, like, €100, for sex. Probably.




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This page is way old, but I just found it. I lmfao'd through this entire entry. Jesus, you just might be more of a perv than me. As for August Diehl, holy fucking christ, what a babe. He's got a great package and a slammin ass. I think I'd pay more than 150 euros(American keyboards don't have that symbol), shit I'd mortgage my house to try that ass! Brad Pitt...I'd maybe pay bout 50 cents

Doc Onyx more than 6 years ago

Brad Pitt

has got old, I wrote this blog like ONE MILLION YEARS ago didn't I.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Doesn't make it any less relevant

You're hard pressed to find a damn thing about him on the internet. It's like people are blind. That one girl had a a great idea when she said she'd pay him to pee on her. I'd outbid her though, and besides that, I already had that idea years ago. And more than that, really, but then I'd be goin all Marquis de Sade on your sex blog

Doc Onyx more than 6 years ago


If I give you my bank account details, you can transfer the money directly

August D. more than 11 years ago

ok then

I'm hearing €300.

Christy more than 11 years ago


I don't wanna hurt your feelings. But I don't think he'd be into that shit

yacinta more than 11 years ago

we all do that, though

That dude, he was my favorite dude in They Kill Hitler. Other than the ones I was supposed to like.

I'd pay way more than €150 for him to reenact that scene in the tavern, more if he mimicked the other actors as well. And I guess, while we're in that arena, to pee on me?

Christy more than 11 years ago

great idea

Oh my GOD, I'd sell my soul for August Diehl to pee on me. are you a mind reader or something?

Doc Onyx more than 6 years ago

that funny square

Can you guys really not see that funny square? It must be my browser! I can see a really weird square around my list and it goes over the edge.

August Diehl is NOT in SS uniform when I pay him 100€ for sex, they didn't even have euros in Nazi times he is an IMPOVERISHED PhD student and that

Jacinta more than 11 years ago


Your list is like that carol: "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."

August he in his usual SS uniform when you're doing it?

more than 11 years ago

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