Amok Mama: I'm a crap mum and I know I am



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My mum used to try to make everything into a face-shape to make me eat. Didn't work. Didn't eat any of it.

But she's really got my sympathy now. I must have driven her round the fucking bend.

Liz Nicholls more than 9 years ago


These are pretty brilliant tips actually! Nice one.

jessi more than 9 years ago


You're not meant to mention the kids in Africa. And you're not meant to make eating their veg a pre-requisite for getting afters. You're meant to shrug your shoulders nonchalantly and say "Oh, you didn't feel like eating your veggies today, maybe you will tomorrow." I read it in a brochure from the Bundesregierigung

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

News from a different planet

I just realised while reading these "hints for parents"; it seems so alien it could just as well be the "Daily Mars" or something. Is there anyone from the non-parenting faction reading this getting the same feeling? You spend your 25-to-30-odd years not worrying about such a subject when all of a sudden all your friends are talking about it, and then you realise: have there been any advances in the field of "child-upbringing" in the last 30 years or so? Because sure as hell there were some in say... communication. Where did the ol' "we didn't have anything like that to eat in the 60s" guilt thing go? Or the other "children in Africa are starving"-thing? Is that the latest from upbringing-labs, Jacinta, or do you make it up as you go along (because it sounds... sound, I guess).

Mike more than 9 years ago

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