Amok Mama: In defence of Justin Bieber



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okkkkkkkkkkkkk bit weird but um weird and kinda shit but its something to laugh at so keep writing

izbiz1D more than 9 years ago

He knows man, he thought he was saying Jew Man

Jacinta more than 11 years ago


I suppose he doesn't know that his surname means "beaver".

Maurice T Frank more than 11 years ago

Jesus Otis, someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning. That's the side with the pool of self-hatred and misery on it. Did your early morning wank not work again?
I reallly liked it. Keep writing, Amok, if only to annoy the Otises of this world.

Tony more than 11 years ago


hey, instead of writing totally stupid and inane articles like this, why don't u go and get a decent, honest job? are you proud of writing this kind of bullshit?

Otis Berlin more than 11 years ago

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