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unreflektiert, moi

Just say that to your clients next time they start whingeing on about how I called them a bunch of cunts.

Yacinta more than 9 years ago


to hear the comment stuck, Jacinta. Things with no truth usually don't.

The American who saw the Dieter Bohlen in you. more than 9 years ago

American Responding

Ja, okay that was interesting. I am American and I don't care if you like me or not. I just want to set the record straight. Americans complain about their country all the time. I don't know where you got the idea that they don't, if they say the don't complain, then they are lying. Everyone I know complains. Just like you said, we all complain about the country we live in. There ain't nothing perfect in this world. We gotta blow off steam just like the rest of the world.

Deanna more than 9 years ago


Come on now Victor, I know you read this.

Christy more than 9 years ago


No...I love rhyming slang (what I can fucking understand of it.) Seppo is a gem...collecting intercultural epitaphs is a hobby of mine. I'm currently asking everybody I know back in the States to come up with a good new word for our old and tired slurs such as Redcoat and Limey...well...they just are a bit dated. The only good reply yet was "We call them British. That's more than I'd ever want to be called."
But I will get back to you on that.
Anyway...normally I don't go around posting comments...I just wanted to say keep up the good work and keep cursing. Some of the oldest words in the Queen's English, Webster's English or whoever's English. Fuck the whiner-fotzen!

Andrew Flohr more than 9 years ago

@Mr. Seppo: It's Cockney Rhyming Slang Innit

Sceptic Tank, Yank. Come on, you gotta admit that IS funny!

Sonly a joke anyways. Some of my best friends are actually American! And I only slightly despise them a little bit! I am a very open-minded person. And I love Paul Salamone. He once introduced me on stage as "my good friend Jacinta Nandi" I floated all the way home, I got in and said to my boyfriend: "Guess what? Paul Salamone thinks I am his good friend!" My boyf just laughed at me and goes: "American comedians always say that about each other, he doesn't mean it." I was really gutted.

I just got pissed off by that comment on the Exb facebook page saying: "It's not your language, it's your message." And then he said: "You are the blog equivalent of Dieter Bohlen, picking on the defenceless." And THEN he fucking said Konrad Werner had substance. I got so pissed off. I was like: "I don't even HAVE a message, and he hates it anyway. I need a message. I know, my message is gonna be that I hate Americans." But I don't really. Well, only a little bit.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

You should do one of these for Berlin

Benjamin Knight more than 9 years ago

Reply from Mr. Seppo himself

Why you nasty little trollup, you. What has America ever done to deserve such derision from the Queen's Islanders themselves? Is it still that little thing about Bush's helicopter in the Royal rose garden? Our little indie tif over taxes is long by the wayside and we've done nothing but help continue colonial domination of yours and France's former Empires after Hitler left you both begging for quarters. Have we not proved our metal in Iraq? Afghanistan? We even let you fight along side to help you feel big and powerful again. C'mon, that was nice wasn't it? I must respect the succinctness of 'Seppo.' (I must live in a sheltered world, but I hadn't heard that one yet.) and honestly, as a refugee from America, I do very much know your beef with God's Country and its sometimes less than quiet inhabitance, but don't through the rubber duckie out with the baby and the bathwater! Those of us who have come here for less than hip reasons are usually rather quiet and can even be, yes, self critical, perish the thought.
I actually came to German to study how they deal with the after effects of perpetrating holocaust...experience that Germany has that my country will need to learn from (when we ever finally get our asses kicked.) and in my sparetime I collect historical accounts of the destruction we caused in Vietnam. I have a very keen sense of self-hate, I don't like football of any land and even cheesburgers are suspect to me. And I sure as fuck don't "just LOVE" anything. Indeed, I pretend I'm a German when Americans ask directions. Ok, I admit I hate them too. Fucking Seppos.
Anyway, I've lost my point.
Why the sudden beef with us? If the sudden outburst about Americans is because of the panty-twisted puritans that often crit your blog for your nasty language...or because of Paul Salomone or something...let my vote count I rather enjoy your brash rants about cunts and sods and the potatoe-people, and the secret to Paul Salomone is he very probably never had sex in his life. There's even a movie about him, "The 20-something Virgin" or something like that. When he's talking just go to the bar and get a refill or something. But let's stick to the issue at hand here, the Huns! Island Monkeys being my favorite term, having been married to one for 10 years until recently. This is Berlin, after all, you take the Western Sector, I'll take the South and we'll get some Frenchy to run Wedding. Ok?

Andew Flohr more than 9 years ago

well done

Well done getting it of your boobs..!

Stephen Hannah more than 9 years ago


Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

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