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is quite simply the best lake in Berlin. if Goethe was about still he'd have hired a rowing boat there, brought a bottle of pony german white wine, a big joint and had two hours on the hired rowing boats there surrounded by the forest and the water. It is as close as this city gets to idyllic perfection. In two words, Jacinta. Fuck 'em.

Sweetman more than 8 years ago

Schlachtensee > Mueggelsee

I used to work right next to Mueggelsee and while my colleagues and I did enjoy swimming their most afternoons, it is super shallow and gets quite scummy with algae this time of year. Schlachtensee has much better water quality.

Freshwater Ecologist more than 8 years ago

<3 Schlachtensee

I also love Schlachtensee... i don't see anything wrong with it, quite the contrary. My favorite lake in Berlin is, however, whichever one is closest to where i reside. Right now Plötzensee. I also get the same look of pity when i say that... and i'm not sure whether it's because it's the lake, or if because i live in Wedding. And then, like you, i have to go on how i actually really like Wedding, while people are contorting their faces. Oh well... in Brazil we say "Taste is like ass: each person has one".


D von Wilt more than 8 years ago

But the biggest lake snobs...

...are the ones frequent Bernsteinsee. It takes over an hour, a car and a long-ass hike through the woods to get there and then they act like it's some special hidden gem but in reality it's a slew of Mipsters (old school Mitte hipsters working in music, fashion or media) who can't bear to dip their toesies in the same cesspools as the rest of the common Berlin community.

Nikki Nicks more than 8 years ago


That's a baggersee! There's a nice one in Pankow. But do yourself a favor and splurge for Sommerbad Wilmersdorf. It's Berlin's best kept secret. So do it but be quiet about it. Your son will thank me (and you can even take the mammal shark).

Dave Stohler more than 8 years ago

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