Amok Mama: A night in with me, myself and I




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Must try harder

Liebe Tanja, I used to get really bitchy comments on my blog. I am SURE - totally sure - you can do better than this. You just need to apply yourself. At least criticize my punctuation or something.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

another conversation post

This woman's posts are always the same. I can even predict what the next post is gonna be about: her haiving a conversation with a friend/exboyfriend/son about Germans/Germany/exboyfriend/

Tanja more than 8 years ago

two hours?

more like two and a half, we're not total lightweights

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

Rule Briannia... on a Saturday

Getting tarted up and throwing up all over the pavement two hours and countless quid later is British heritage and no auto-suggestion. Stick it to the man!

Mike more than 8 years ago

definitely murdered

no doubt about it

Zoe Berlin more than 8 years ago

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