Amok Mama: Miserable bastards



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Do What?

I believe this person has consumed more than her fair share of narcotics. Incoherent, unimaginative and, worse, dull.... 0 points.

marcoboi more than 11 years ago

Upmarket Essex

Jacinta - just where is the local yacht club - do you mean the old flooded gravel pit - you make Ilford sound soo posh. I think the real Essex has moved in next to me-they are whiter than white, have drugs delivered twice a day, only let the pitbulls shit in their own garden and only spit outside my gate, and when they had a barbecue, a four year old girl was seriously assaulted by a ten year old who hopefully is now on the sex offenders register. I'd like a few Russians next door as I did Russian at school where I learned that the peasants in England died in the gutters of London due to there being no five year plan for tomatoes or kartoffel. There are Lithuanians at the bottom of the garden and a nice Polish deli in Seven Kings. Konrad, click on oven glove and all will be revealed, English oven gloves are just fantastic and leave no fluff on your kartoffel.

Amok's old teacher more than 11 years ago


Nothing is more German than a Kartoffel, they say. But could you elaborate on the oven gloves next week please?

Konrad more than 11 years ago

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