Amok Mama: My German-GERMAN-German friend




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But if I was consistently terrible you wouldn't notice how bad this one was, hence indicating that you subconsciously think I am incredibly-INCREDIBLY-incredibly talented.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


Even for a column as consistently terrible as Amok Mama, this is some seriously weak and pointless shit.

dirk dark more than 8 years ago

Amog MAMA, Jacinta Nandi

Well, i think youré overduing it a litle bit, don´t you Jacinta...?!
You werent invidet for brunch in an elegat Hote, where you?
Even thre they stopt a long time ago juding poeple by what
of chlothes youre coming with
Not eery german is a spießer...

Manfred Sommerlad more than 8 years ago

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