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Weetabix Clinton Ma

too bad the american run weetabix compaies are fulll of asswipes for mangagement!!! Putting a guy out of work with four small kids so they can use him as an example, yet ,while people are coming in drunk and told to sleep it off , while he comes in after his wife's surgery and being up all night taking care of her and four kids and falls asleep in his car during break and gets fired the next day. because he is white he doesn't get stuck up for and is let go. Pretty much sums it up!!!

more than 10 years ago

British Mothers

I think it's hard on anyone to have an British mother. I mean, imagine someone being a small child and someone teasing you for causing the famine in Ireland or the London pogroms of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Kodge more than 10 years ago


Rewe and Edeka have had Weetabix forever. I remember about five years ago when Weetabix was introduced to Berlin. Promo-girls were walking the streets of P'Berg with free boxes of the stuff. When I got mine, my heart shed tears of joy
But the shops often run out. The way German supermarkets ALWAYS run out of everything. Except for withered, tasteless lettuce. They never run out of that.

Seymour more than 10 years ago

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