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In German

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


The word comes up once in the whole fucking book and Preußler has said yes and it's a book aimed at six-year-olds

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

A tough one!

It Doesn't always matter what we write in our books, or what we remove, history is always there. We should teach our kids about history, good and bad, so they can help towards making sure that we do not re-visit some of those terrible times. Maybe keeping the 'n' word in old books could help kids understand that there are some words we do not use any more. More importantly, help them understand why we don't use them. Then again, will removing these words wipe history? There is no fine line between racist and non-racist. My old gramps used to talk about his good friend Arnie "he was a darky you know". Well, we can't say that any more, but was my grandfarther being racist towards his 'good friend'?

Bob more than 8 years ago


I don't think the term "black" is racist, but I have noticed some Americans do....but it definitely isn't in Britain....I think it's a bit racist to Ann Coulter it up and go on and on and on about "The Blacks" though. Just the way she says the letter K. It sounds really luxurious.

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

To Laurie

I actually have to disagree. In some circles, black IS actually preferred. Just in the same way that now American Indian is sometimes used, at the request of those to whom it was referring. You are right that it would never occur to use the terms "yellow", "red" or anything else, but as of the 21st century, I believe black is a commonly used term.

Walter Crasshole more than 8 years ago

Racist language

love how you always jump in where few dare to go...I was just thinking about all this while watching the inaugeration ceremonies of my president. All the newscasters were continually refering to Obama as 'black' and Martin Luther King etc as black histrory, etc., In America, the politically correct term is African American. You don't hear people of Native American descent being referred to as 'red' or Aisan people as 'yellow' at least in polite society, so how come black is still okay? Funny how my Italian mother-in-law decided to name my husband Moreno which is like the n-word in Spanish: the black one.

Laurie more than 8 years ago

the n-word

" Funny how all the people who are beyond racism are usually white"

I love your text, especially this part - but I think you are wrong on one important detail. "Neger" is not the N-word. "Nigger" is, in English and in German. "Neger" means "negro". It's obviously still a bad word, but not in N-word territory in my opinion.

Sadly, this debate hardly acknowledges that many, many people still use Neger as the neutral term for black people. That's the discussion we should be having, instead of debating something that the parents and the famous free market should be taking care of.

Shouldn't a couple of footnotes be the solution and end to this stupid debate?

christoph more than 8 years ago

Private School

No. he goes to Berlin Bilingual and he really had never heard the word "Neger" before. That's how you know your kid goes to a good school - they learn all their swear words from you. He came home from school one day in Autumn and he goes: "The boys at school think there's a worse swear word than fuck but nobody knows what it is. Do you know?" I looked him in the eye and said no. "There's nothing worse than fuck, darling."

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Thrown out of school

Does your son attend a German state school? He won't be thrown out for using the N-word. More likely the teacher would say there is nothing seriously wrong with it if a classmate complained :-(

Monika more than 8 years ago

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