Amok Mama: My racist son



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I love your posts

Don't let the haters win. Keep writing by all means. We need you.

"Comments will be deleted if they are abusive". Where are the moderators, ffs??

Be kind to strangers 209 days ago


I'm not sure how to say this but i'll try to say it in your words: Fuck you and your stupid text. Nobody gives a shit if you like Germans or not. Go knitting or do sports or whatever.

FYI more than 8 years ago

racist kids

northerner more than 8 years ago

Best son (and mother) ever

Really really impressed with the dialogue between the two of you. I wish I had had such chats with my mum (who's from a different generation so it's normal).

Christian Scheuring more than 8 years ago

Racist kids

I don't really think kids are racist, I was merely trying to show how ridiculous the people who were acting like it was "political correctness gone mad" were being. It's a matter of manners. Skipping over the word "Neger" is just a Zwischenlösung, just a practical solution to a situation. And it's not a loss for German society, coz there's still plenty of racism around to make up for it. I didn't understand the sense of loss. I didn't understand that. I didn't understand the faux-outrage about censorship....I don't really think kids are racist, but I really don't think people need to get too worried about political correctness having gone too far any time soon.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


If you are having your child stare at the feces of black individuals, and then find him declaring said feces the color white, it would suggest that there may be some real problems in your parenting. Not problems on the scale of institutional racism, but problems nonetheless.

Joe the Plumber more than 8 years ago

A thought

There is a difference between racism and curiosity!

Raj more than 8 years ago

Oh well

Please keep writing. Thank you!

Nils more than 8 years ago

Oh well

Pleaser stop writing. Thank you!

Martin Gak more than 8 years ago

what colour is the poo on the band wagon?

If my 4 year old asks me if black people's poo is white, is that racism or just interest? I would also skip the word 'neger' as I don't want my son repeating it on the u-bahn. Why? Not because he is being racist, 'cause he's not, but because I don't want all the jumped up, perfect citizens pointing at me telling me how terrible at parenting I am. It's funny, these are probably the same people giving the 'shitstorm'! Hey, here comes the band wagon!

Bob more than 8 years ago

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