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lieber michel

I find the criticism re: blasé v. specific....but this is my blog! Criticise my vocab choices. I make loads of ghastly hideous vocab mistakes. Not only did Julie get 3.1 THOUSAND likes, even the comments on my blog are about hers, it's so depressing

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

To Julie & friends: it's ok.. had nothing to do with misogyny, nor to do with anonymity, it's to do with what it was, a pretentious rant, but it's ok...

Cunt is a strong word, in some countries it is worse than a death threat, but did you deserve it?

You just wanted to tell the world you regularly eat brunch, have a German boyfriend, and have lived in Berlin long enough to validate a social commentary that likely originated as a facebook status. You also got to showcase a use of the word dilettante, and delicately executed improper use the word blasé (but it's ok, one can't expect your english not to suffer as a result of textbook German).

..this I only "reckon".

I'm not disagreeing that many expats don't know and couldn't care less about learning German. I'm also not saying that's a good thing, just want to point out it is the same logic that which prompts people to hold referendums on banning minarets.

For one it seems like most of the people you talk to, shop and hang with are all expats anyway. Albeit you have a German boy in your life who presumably can't read english, either way I'm really happy you are the most virtuous member in your circle of friends.

You mocked the shop owner and her establishment with stereotypes, mate. I went to an Australian restaurant once, and the food and wine satisfied my quest for authenticity. It's a restaurant, not a theme park.... but yes I know your rant was about respect for the German language, which you uphold to an honourable degree. Maybe a German menu would make them more diplomatic, but they don't speak German in Australia, "last time I checked". Maybe 3% of customers don't speak english, but 80% of their customers don't speak German, english staff, english menus, this is called globalization, Capitalism is a dirty bitch, I don't like her either, so Neukölln hipster goes to Mitte for brunch, Earth continues to turn.

Maybe she told you they're trying to be authentic because she thought your question ridiculous and that you were a twat.

If your going juxtapose your life with the expat minimum, enlighten us on the ways in which your life is more fulfilling.


Michel more than 8 years ago

Oh, Mr Smith!

You're just suffering from a famous medical condition called Guilty White Man syndrome - don't feel ashamed, your feelings are perfectly natural and you'll get over it one day

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


the whole misogyny thing? I am a man and liked Ms Coulthorpe's article. So did many other men. A whole lot of others hated it. The number of women on each side of the divide was probably just as even. Gender is often irrelevant. And there were a number of english-sounding names (Smith for instance) flagging up the courtesy thing as well. Why not write your next post on unthinking prejudice?

Andrew Smith more than 8 years ago

Wir kommen und werden Euch fressen

Jacinta, lovely name. And then. I understand the impotence of looking at your neighborhood eaten up by a mass of expats who want your city because is cool and easy. Cool and easy til they have to learn German, then it isn't easy. But THAT is something I can't ask for others. I found the rant you quote moralist, not xenophobic. There is nothing we can do against those that like it easy and cool. NOTHING. Btw, I prefer German to English, but I have to FIGHT to escape english in neukölln, it pisses me off, yet ...I might expect some german from them, but i cant demand hippsters/expats to be the immigrant I want to be.

ChatterleysLover more than 8 years ago


one good reason for learning german is watching the few really great german movies in german. schwarze schafe for example. do it. you can do it.

PT Bee more than 8 years ago

My mate

He does do it, he can do it. But there's this blank panic in his eyes while he says it. And he doesn't say Einen, mind you I been here for 12 years and I don't always say Einen

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

ordering orange juice in german....

"Einen Orangensaft, bitte"

....phewww quite hard but possible.

Vicky more than 8 years ago

You're just saying that

to make me feel better

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


^^^ Drew beat me to it.

lulz. more than 8 years ago

Just to make it all whole


Drew Portnoy more than 8 years ago

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