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Hi Miss

Viel Spaß in Grand Canaria!

Jacinta Nandi more than 9 years ago

Making it up/private school

Well (1) We never knew you came from a family of communists-good job headmaster didn't know or you would have been OUT!! He said only nice children read books but I knew differently-I thought you came from a family where you talked to each other. Just fancy - a Red under the bed in RM6!
(2) Making up quotes - apart from the physical extras of Anne Boleyn, the rest of English history is all made up, otherwise it would be v. boring - you are ok there, keep being creative.

(3)Rico at private school - if you can afford to keep the State out of his little head by paying, then go for it! But whenever I go past a private school in Seven Kings, I just think the girls look like slappers and I am glad I don't do education any more.
Off to the Canaries for some winter sun, must brush up my German!!

Amok's old teacher more than 9 years ago

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