Amok Mama: On the genetic unfunniness of women



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The funny gene

is located on the y-chromosome! Ta! So can't have inherited it, obviously.

André more than 6 years ago

Come back!

I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you at any of the various expat/english standup gigs in a really long time. I started going to them in the olden days of 2009 and you were absolutely my favorite. Well, at least top 2. Hope you decide to get back into it someday.

comedy junkie who is tired of all the lame sexist jokes of unfunny men and at this point would prefer lame sexist jokes of unfunny women but even better would be actually funny jokes more than 8 years ago

Come to the Surfpoeten

Glad to be in someone's Top 2, I must say.....come to the Surfpoeten. It's every Wednesday at 9:30 in Mauersegler, Mauerpark. It's my Lesebühne, like, everyone reads two stories in German plus we play music. Here's the website:

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Those who live in glass houses...

I'm sorry, this is a great article, but the only thing I could really think about the ENTIRE time while reading it was ... did a German (guy) just say that women are unfunny?! who went and crowned a *German* the king of all things funny?

and yes, I'm allowed to say this, because despite posting in English, I am, in fact, German myself. And having been on the receiving end of a lot of German guys' so-called humor, I can definitely tell you that those who live in glass houses shalt not cast stones, or however the saying goes. I mean come on, if reproduction depended on ability to make women laugh, there would be no Germans left... oh wait... doesn't Germany have one of the lowest national birth rates world-wide. I'm not even sure whether I'm still supporting my own argument or not... wait, wait, wait... let's take a moment and figure this out... he said funniness leads to getting laid, Germans are not funny, hence are not reproducing, so he's right, but then I'm also right because if Germans are not funny, especially German men (as evidenced by the lack of reproduction) then he also cannot judge what's funny or not... so... ta da ... women ARE funny!! quod erat demonstrandum!!! (or something like that...)

Yve more than 8 years ago


only gays are funny nowadays. straight people have old and boring jokes no one cares about anymore. either they’re men or women. and being comedian is completely different and has nothing to do with being generally funny. its a profession. like a doctor. and as in almost any profession in this chauvinist world there are more men than women which has nothing to do with them being funny or not.

dee more than 8 years ago

I wish we could "like" comments

Is that true about the gays? I only know Alan Carr. But yeah, comedians are actually not that funny, are they?

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

This is fun.

Mr. Haha more than 8 years ago

funny chixxx

When I tried thinking of 10 funny famous people, almost all of them were women-- Kristin Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford, June Diane Raphael and Megan Amram were literally the first names that popped in my head. And they are all ridiculously hilarious.

clambake more than 8 years ago

Whoopi Goldberg

I actually think you have to try quite hard to keep all women out of your top ten. Like, even if you're going for people Germans will know. Whoopi Goldberg is way famouser than Woody Allen or someone

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

Is Heidi funny?

I agree with a lot of what you say, and I love men as coke and women are pepsi. Men as the default perspective (although as I'm sure you know the default gender of every embyro is female, it only develops into a male later in a pregnancy).

Trouble is, I couldn't talk about it in this way, which is a fair way, because I'd cop a lot of heat from women, and men probably wouldn't be interested. So I guess there is some extra freedom in being a female comedian after all.

James Harris more than 8 years ago

Louis CK

I would point to Louis CK as an argument against that claim. Many feminists find his bits about men being the default/having more privilege as being great and really funny. Most feminists are happy to have male allies. But you're right, most men might not be interested (though they'd likely be more interested when you say it than if a woman said it).

Isoperla more than 8 years ago

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