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More on the nodding

I agree with Christian. German people, when talking, always nod and move their shoulders a lot. It's like, when you ask a German person a question, before they answer they start shaking their shoulders up and down and moving their heads a lot. I don't think we do it in britain so much. It's kind of cool. I think body language is really important, When I talk German, I find myself adapting to the body language culture a bit and start shaking my head and shoulders around a little. You should try it Jacinta.... It's fun :)

Bob more than 7 years ago


they didn't burn any hamsters though, so I'm still on their side.

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago


Well, there was never a decision to shut anyone out. Least of all the turkish press.
What happened: There is a procedure, you apply for a seat in court. Every press person worth its salt knows that. And every single turkish medium (and a lot of others) simply and utterly failed to apply for a seat. While I also think the case has been handled wrongly, and the court might have been more sensible, I also despise people being so great at complaining, most of the time factually incorrect, when they just haven't their shit together. If they had been like, OK, we messed up, but we'd still like to have a seat (for obvious and understandable reasons), I'd be all for them. Like this: Not so much. Stop whining and learn your trade.

nemo more than 7 years ago

Jacinta, amok mama, racism

No, no, Jacinta is tinking. And she is able to write her throuhgts down. JUST the way
she is ticken - some times. On the other hand I know most of her kollegs don´t tak her

just go on, JACINTA even when the acusing you as paranoid. So what, you have the go and talk ore write about everything you feel like,. a few others and myself are
happy when jou do so...

Manfred Sommerlad more than 7 years ago


I get super self-conscious when I talk to people from England because they just sit there and look and listen but I don't know if they listen BECAUSE THEY DON'T NOD or make any other sounds.

They just sit there (in shock?) and look a bit mental to me. That's so strange because conversation in this country seems to be quite a big deal but nodding isn't?

So yeah, do nod more to the Germans around you.

Christian Scheuring more than 7 years ago

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