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world cup

Well Germany didn't win anything in the 20th century so I guess they needed an ego boost to make up for the loss of their African lebensraum after some other spat. The best things in the UK press were pics of players trying to look cool whilst smoking cigars (pictures of W Churchill have the cigars airbrushed out now)and Ashley Cole saying that he hated the English.Anyway, it's a good job we lost as I was too tired to celebrate as I did in 1966.

Amok's old teacher more than 11 years ago

Three last headlines

Germany wurst at penalties, Herr we go again, Das boot is on the other foot...these were all sun headlines. niiiice. Okay so there were a coupla Job done, now for the Hun type thingies in the Star. But even THAT is fairly affectionate.

Jacinta Again Again more than 11 years ago

look here

All those articles in BZ and Berliner Kurier going on about how anti-German we were being had to use mainly headlines from the 90s, basically proving that we were being kind of nice this time around

Jacinta Again more than 11 years ago

kind of nice

Bring on the Jermains! That was the headline in the Sun. Nice, if slightly crappy pun, Plus GERM WARFARE. Okay, so still associating Germans with war, but not WW2. Okay, so in Feb Daily Star did this thingie saying that the new black Trikot looked a bit nazified but that was it, and it did a bit, I thought. THEN come Thursday, all the German tabs went mad saying we were calling them Nazis and plus Bild did that thing where they said our boys were Rabauken....THEN the Mail did "Germans declare Blitzkrieg on our lazy English girls."

Nobody's noticed, but the Germans = Nazis thing is starting to die. Not saying it's dead yet, but it's starting to die. It really is. So yeah, in tabloid terms, we were being kind of nice about them. They still are, as well. IN TABLOID TERMS.

Jacinta more than 11 years ago

Wrong Seymour

I agree with Amok: the English tabloids have been fairly restrained this time round, and if anything, self-mocking - what was the Sun's headline yesterday? "Don't mention the four" - you gotta admit that's funny.

Jude more than 11 years ago

Hun puns

"we were being kind of nice about them" ..... what Internet do you live on? Oh, one on which England has only one tolerant, liberal newspaper called The Guardian. On my Internet we have the Sun, the Daily Star, the Mirror, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail... so, no that karma thing didn't work

Seymour more than 11 years ago


There are no holes in the German defense.

Luckily some of your Englishness has rubbed off to me and therefore I'm not gonna rub it in but say: Well played.

Berliner Schnauze more than 11 years ago

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