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in a perfect society the picture wouldn't be racist. in such a society blacks would go into whiteface just for fun too. in such a society the word 'black' in 'a black man robbed me' would only be descriptive, and not imply some causal relation between being black and robbery. we don't live in that society. in berlin blacks get called niger all the time. and so yeah. that photo is insenitive and racist.

patrick wilken more than 8 years ago

Amok mama;racist -0-meter

Today i accompanied a kenyan friend whose son received a note in school with NAZI and Ku Klux symbols.The parents of the child involved did not think that their child did not do anything wrong writing such symbols.They never even sayd hallo to us in the poölice lobby and one could see the hatred on their faces,for them they were the victims and not us.I was even more shocked to learn in the police station that the black-German boy of kenyan descent(he is 13) was often teased with racists jokes in school eg,oh you neger you are so black that its impossible to see you at night"

Terri Muvanya-wischmann more than 8 years ago

Everyone's a little bit racist

Aunt Em more than 8 years ago

It wouldn't have

worked without blacking up. I think they shoulda chosen a different picture. Don't know what, though. 2012 was a bit of a boring year, looking back. Nothing much happened.

I really think that blacking up just ain't racist for Germans. The Brauseboys are really not racist people. I'm more racist than they are, normally, I'd say.

What does piss me off a bit, though, is if Germans get all pissed off coz we think st's racist, I kind of think, like: you don't all own the fucking shares in beleidigt werden. You can black up and then people can say, hey wait a minute: isn't that racist? without getting all precious about it, they're such divas sometimes.

And I just think they're so unimaginative, too. Like, I can imagine that for them, blacking up isn't racist. I have to concentrate and I can do it. But can't they even slightly imagine that for some people it is? Like, even if they try really really really hard? Like, even if they meditate beforehand? NOPE. Instead straight away everyone's like: boo-hoo, you called me a Nazi, you meanie-pie! We are not Nazis. We haven't gassed any Jews in AGES.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

The Brauseboys

I look at that flyer all the time at various venues and think: I used to like those dudes. How dimwitted can they be? He could have just done the pose. The blackface is superfluous.

Drew Portnoy more than 8 years ago

Zwarte Piet & Sinterklaas

On that note, can I point the inclined reader towards the colourful tradition of that little hybrid-country half-way between Ze Krauts and the Tommies:

If that isn't sending chills down your spine, what is?

Mike more than 8 years ago

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