Amok Mama: Sexy girls




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You mean I was drowned out by the sound of a pack of 1,700 wolves baying for my blood? or you just weren't tuned in at 20:46???

Amok more than 11 years ago

we want a video...

... of your on stage in the Admiralspalast...funny I heard some of it on the radio by accident...but not you, my dear.

Seymour more than 11 years ago


I agree, parental units should stop trying to mold children into some out of synch, out of its age group, presentation package, for any reason. And if their tortured psyches won’t allow them to not mold them, why do they feel drawn to putting them on display in the media? Our news media resources would serve us better if some topics were simply not reported on. And I can guarantee you that not all of the 1,700 people were thinking you're a dick.

farrfoto more than 11 years ago

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