Amok Mama: Slightly libellous



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"The Fuhrer" was a vegetARIAN, too.

nonaziparanoid more than 9 years ago

Most ex-Nazis are bio-fanatics.

Most of the Manson family members who got released from prison became environmentalists, as well. An obsession with purity, etc.

Greenman more than 9 years ago


Those Demeter Bio-Milch things don't taste remotely fascist

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

Nazi gran

I don't see the connection between Nazi grans and Müllermilch, to be honest. My Nazi gran loves going on about shagging in the forest during Hitler Youth outings and such, but she's totally grün-braun and only drinks bio milk products. Oh yeah, and she shoook Hitler's hand when they opened up the first Autobahn when she was 14 and didn't wash her hand for a week.

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

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