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Woyzeck as Ehrenmord is a bit skewed

I think Woyzeck is not really an Ehrenmord story, but a jealousy / life-has-no-more-meaning murder story. For an Ehrenmord, we'd need a strong honor-based social code, that leaves the murderer no other choice (in his twisted, lie-filled mind of course) but to kill the woman who left him (or his family) "honorless". That is not the point in Woyzeck methinks.

Arno Birner more than 6 years ago

Come on

It's about a German Ehrenmord.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Actually the article isn't that evil I think

I just read the criticized article and found it not to be racist in it's core message. The opening statements Meyer is quoting are of course somewhat racisty, and he doesn't say, he disagress with them. But in the rest of the article he makes no racist remarks or even innuendos himself and - in my view - analyzes some problems regarding integration rather soundly. He is not ranting against immigrants or anything, he states, that they (that is a generalisation, but for reduction of complexity acceptable in this article) have to learn and adjust, to integrate into the german society. And he also has a point, that this is a process of everday life, that needs all of us germans, to brush up and muster the will, energy and good heart, to make this intercultural transfer work in a positive way. This is undeniably an effort, and that is his point. But he says, that it is an effor wothwhile and should be made, but to pretend the effort is non-existent is a bad idea. And I think he's right with that.
Maybe I read Meyer from a too understanding viewpoint, but I had the feeling, he is a conservative, who tries to not be racist or xenophobic, but to get it right. But who also wants to point out a real problem he has identified. Just my two cents...

Arno Birner more than 6 years ago


Ja, es sind nicht in erster Linie ausgebildete und wohlbestallte Angestellte von Kirchen und Sozialbehörden, die durch die Menschen aus fremden Welten herausgefordert werden. Es sind Krankenschwestern, die unanständige Einwanderer pflegen müssen; Schulkinder, die sich einer erdrückenden Mehrheit fremdsprachiger Klassenkameraden gegenübersehen; Eltern, die sich sorgen, dass ihr Nachwuchs auf diese Weise um den Lernerfolg gebracht wird; Mieter, die Wand an Wand rüde Riten von Einwanderern erdulden müssen.


Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Oh dear God

What are "unanständige Einwanderer"? Why are they unanständiger than unanständige Germans? Has there never been a nurse that had to care for an unanständiger German, I ask myself? And what rüde Riten? I'm an Ausländer and the rudest right I might have is singing Christmas carols loudly.

Astonished Auslaender more than 6 years ago

Number 8

could also include the fact that when it's cold here, you put warm clothes on, even if you are going out. I really, really like that Germans don't judge you for wearing a Jacke and Strumpfhosen.
Maybe they are more tolerant than we think.

caite more than 6 years ago


Germans are really tolerant about loads of stuff, see talking about your abortions at the dinner table, being friends with you after you've divorced their son/brother (if they liked you)

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago


I somehow think that what you consider racism here in Germany is rather xenophobia and you would find exactly the same everywhere and (also Uk towards Poles etc). Unlike US where racism is flourishing and developing into something really bizarre like this one here

dee more than 6 years ago


I think we use the word racism when Germans would use the word Ausländerfeindlichkeit because we can't use the word xenophobia because we use xenophobia for how we feel about French ppl who live in France, Germans in Germany, Americans in America etc. Maybe the Germans are right and sentences like "Es sind Krankenschwestern, die unanständige Einwanderer pflegen müssen; Schulkinder, die sich einer erdrückenden Mehrheit fremdsprachiger Klassenkameraden gegenübersehen; Eltern, die sich sorgen, dass ihr Nachwuchs auf diese Weise um den Lernerfolg gebracht wird; Mieter, die Wand an Wand rüde Riten von Einwanderern erdulden müssen." are strictly speaking xenophobic and NOT racist but when they're as Nazi as that, does it matter whether thinks the foreigners are all genetically inferior or if it's just this bad coincidence? It seems a bit splitting hairs to worry about whether Frank A Meyer is a racist or not, when he has so many racist views and is really proud of them, he might as well be

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Racism in Germany

Racism is not confined to one Country, region, dialect or creed! Whilst I like your article it misses an obvious point. Germans are less racist than Hindus in India, or some Muslims in other parts of the world. In fact the caste system in India is far more pernicious than anything that happens in Europe. The Serbian conflict showed us that the worst (and the best) of people is brought about in conflict. But what I think, and this is the crunch, is that when we have a sort of harmonious kind of peaceful life, people start getting envious. They start thinking, how come these wankers are as happy as us. We have worked hard, we have acquired, we are aspirational and we deserve more than them. Racism is no more than pulling the ladder up! Love Dad xXx

Raj Nandi more than 6 years ago

You never read the article Dad

I actually don't think it would've been published in the UK. Not saying there isn't racism in the UK, but they are a bit more subtle about it.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Feathers McGraw, "I find it a weird approach to go "you can't condemn these people without also condemning the system"."

May be it is a weird but surely it's less weird, in comparison, trying to cut off a branch of a tree for all you condemn it, without looking at the tree itself or its foundations, the roots.
Calling these racists up and exposing them is fine but it shouldn't stop at just that; it has, truth be told, to go beyond that and deeper into core of the system that produces them in the first place.

Otherwise you can muzzle people up and perhaps succeed at having such bigotry expressed less in the public domain but for as long as the value system remains the same; it's basically like wiping your bottom everytime you pass a smelly fart. That's not solving the problem; what gives out the fart is still inside your body and until get rig of it; you will always pass out smelly farts; from time to time.

Ganja more than 6 years ago

"If you don't like living in Germany, why are you here?" ...

reads like "If you don't like Germans speaking freely about the things they hate and their racism against people they hate most, the 'Ausländers', why are you here?"

Jacinta, you write "We need white Germans to protect us against evil like this...You – white Germans – you have to protect us against people like him",quite rightly, you make the most urgent appeal to the right people but you forget something, perhaps out of naivety or simply are overwhelmed by emotions cloud your impeccable reasoning.

If 'White Germans' were to condemn what you call "the racist elite" who are, obviously themselves 'white Germans', then they would be indirectly condemning themselves; the racist German system that produces and quite frankly fosters the type you call "the racist elite"

You cannot hate a branch of a tree without hating the tree, nor can you hate the tree without hating its roots. Put in the context of the issue you raised, one cannot possibly condemn the products the system produces without condemning the system itself.

Appealing for protection by the system against its own created 'brutality' may well be the immediate nonetheless emotionally aroused (call it reactionary approach) right approach in the meantime but the fundamental approach is questioning the foundations of the system and its core values.

It is no exaggeration to say that racism, for one, is deeply, deeply embedded in the German culture and values and runs rampant in its education system for instance, the prime vehicle for culture and fundamental social values. That's where everything starts and that's where, what you decry today, which is merely a manifestation of generations of work,all started from in the first place; and it is there, if there's any genuine desire to change things, that things have to be dealt with and changed fundamentally.

I stumbled on this and I think it has some striking parallels with the issue you raised.

"The philosophers Camus and Sartre raise the question of whether or not a man can condemn himself. " Black Power by Stokely Carmichael 1966 Berkeley, California.

Ganja more than 6 years ago


I find it a weird approach to go "you can't condemn these people without also condemning the system". It's not wrong exactly, but lazy. These people certainly need condemning, and I'm more than happy to do it. They have a personal responsiblity not to be racist idiots, and that's where they are failing. Yes, the system needs fixing, but so do those people.

Feathers McGraw more than 6 years ago

number 3

is utter bollocks

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago

I find the portions at German Indian restaurants less than generous.

And no one will offer you free daal and cabbage. WTF?

Cissy Sikh more than 6 years ago


I wish we got plain popadoms. There is an Indian restaurant in Leipzig that serves proper Indian food, if you go with Germans they can't finish it off and stuff.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Keep it up

Hey Jacinta,

Just wanted to say: ignore the haters, and keep railing against white supremacy, sexism and capitalism in Germany. And making us laugh while you're at it. :D
Häppy zu teil a Bezirk mit you. </cheesy-fanboy-rant>

Smaran more than 6 years ago

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