Amok Mama: The Politically Incorrect Circus



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debora more than 11 years ago


Limbless barbie dolls are The Way Forward

Amokie more than 11 years ago


As any proper leftie child can tell you it is easy to make guns out of lego (and the evidence is easily dealt with too). That did me anyway. Cirque de soleil looks like it could use an emaciated elephant or 2 to me to spice it up

sweetman more than 11 years ago


so, should I allow my daughter to play with Barbies? At least flea market ones with missing limbs and stuff?

Dad more than 11 years ago


No Barbies - I sympathize!! Same here!!! Traumatized for life. And then watching Germany's Next Topmodel and seeing that my mom was right after all.

Änne Troester more than 11 years ago

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