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i think no matter how good an auslaender is at german, they should be let off:
1. umlauts - they should be allowed to just use them randomly, as decoration, like earrings
2. der/die/das - when the same word can be der or das like teil or der and die like leiter, we should be let off that
3. s and ess-zet, I don't mean das and dass, that one's easy but geisel and geissel and strasse for example.

in exchange, we'll let you off when you say i am here since three years.

jacinta more than 9 years ago

no I know that one

geisel is hostage and geissel is bane or scourge. i just got them mixed up.

jacinta more than 9 years ago

But Dan Richter,

why should she check the difference between Geisel and Geißel? Her German is really, really good! Just ask her! #notlendingmuchcreedencetoherconvictionregardingwordshavingmeaning

opinion robot more than 9 years ago

Geißel, Geisel, rape jokes

Jacinta, schau mal den Unterschied zwischen Geisel und Geißel nach.

I've never heard rape jokes on poetry slams, but I heard a lot of them in US improv shows.

Dan Richter more than 9 years ago

justifiable anger and the choice response

In reply to the author, I think women's anger does count. Saying something entirely imoral (ie rape is funny) should and must be countered, although perhaps not with legislation. I don't happen to think that it is morally right or indeed funny to make jokes about an act (i.e. rape) which is in fact a violation of fundamental human rights, decent thinking and all sense of right and wrong. It's mind-numbingly sick. I also think that shouting back, writing an article, or what ever is not just permissable but imperative. The only question I asked was what should we best shout back or write. Bringing yourself down to his very base level isn't the best way of doing things. What was that about two wrongs and no rights?

Andrew more than 9 years ago

Skynet beware

Funny story. Rape jokes are not supposed to be funny, but then again neither were 911 jokes at the time -- until there were. Debating whether something is funny or not, or should be or not is pointless. Laughing is natural reaction that happens impulsively, without thinking. For some reason our minds have this ability to find fun in suffering, which is wondervoll, but true nonetheless.

So these believers in robots doing all our work must not be fans of battlestar gallactica, skynet, prolly not my scene...

Mark more than 9 years ago


Rape jokes make people angry. They make people really fucking angry and scared. That's why that girl heckled. She then got threatened, she was actually threatened. There were all these people queuing up to defend this comedian on the grounds of artistic freedom. Artistic freedom doesn't only apply to people making jokes about raping women.

Or does it? Do you actually think that women's anger doesn't count? Is that what you actually think?

Jacinta more than 9 years ago


The logic of your opening conditional sentences is formally faultless, but ignores the fact that words are not meaningless. I don't really think that anyone really truly belives such a proposition. Moreover, the best way to deal with provocation is to expose it as such or entirely ignore it. Counter-provocation so disguised as a sweeping statement leaves a great number of parsnips very much unbuttered. Entirely non-falsifiable and completely disprovable, it just makes more people angry.

And as for praying against work - that's not only taking Weber to extremes, its a taboo of which this Anglo Saxon has never heard or met. But then, I wouldn't like to generalize....

Andrew more than 9 years ago

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