Amok Mama: Things I hate about being a woman




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Ich glaube, dass dieses "Auslachen" ein wichtiges Werkzeug der Unterdrückung ist. Der Grund, weshalb Frauen, sie offentsichlich viele Schminke tragen, "lächerlich" sind, ist genau DESWEGEN weil sie von Natur aus hässlich sind. Sorry for writing in German everyone, I wanted Nils to understand me.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Das Patriarchat ist schuld

Das hat nichts, aber auf gar nicht mit dir zu tun. Das Patriarchat macht sich zwar ununterbrochen lustig über die Menge an Cremes und Quatsch den ihr os benutzt und erklärt euch ständig, dass ihr maßlos übertreibet, aber ihr wisst es ja besser, das Patriarchat ist schuld weil ihr nichts dagegen tun wollt.

Nils more than 8 years ago

don't hate yourself, hate the patriarchy!

Don't hate yourself for responding to the programming instilled in you since you were a small child. It's not your fault, it's society, for making us into these appearance-obsessed insecure nutters who feel deep down that the single greatest contribution we can make to society is looking shaggable. I have given up hating myself for being vain. I don't judge myself for reflexively sucking my cheeks in when I look in the mirror. It's not my fault. Everywhere girls look from day 1 we are given the subliminal message that we need to look younger, tighter, thinner, shinier, in order to be worth something, in order to be loved. I hate that I feel it, but I don't hate myself for it, and neither should you. That's what the system wants - for us to hate ourselves, so that we keep our heads down and stop rocking the boat.

Sara more than 8 years ago


you could just not wear make-up. save yourself and the small fluffy animals the torture

maybe line more than 8 years ago

Change your mind setting

You should stop to read beauty magazines they will nly make you feel ugly. I don't know how it happened to youthat your mind is so influenced by the expectations of who ever. Maybe if you age a little more that will improve. And every woman should have a vibrator at every point in her life. It's great fun so are men. Take it easy

Julie more than 8 years ago


This was my favorite part: "And what I really hate? What I really, really, really fucking hate? That I still feel flattered, even though I try to pretend I don't. God, I despise myself sometimes. Somebody acid attack me, I fucking deserve it." You catch the exact emotional twist

cait more than 8 years ago

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