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Really against human zoos...

"Really against human zoos." First, these are not 'human' zoos, they are, categorically, Africans zoos otherwise for them really pass as 'human' zoos would mean and thus require a presence of all races of the human specie and surely, you and I know, this is not what it is. It's Africans zoos; you know, the African monkeys brought from deep down the impenetrable jungle that is the African continent to which the 'superior humans' feel the compassionate need to throw bananas at and watch with joy how these monkeys so love to eat their favourite staple food. Although you Jacinta, speak of and about Africa as if it were and/or is a country; so you feel comfortable to say things like "I think you might be African or Russian?" thereby, consciously or not, being oblivious of or rather disregarding the simple fact that Africa is a continent with some 54 countries and Russia, a mere country and far smaller in comparison to Africa.

Second; you can't just proclaim that you are "Really against human zoos." without qualifying your statement. Being against something is not enough, in fact, it is meaningless. Anyone, any fool and/or idiot can be against anything they so choose to be against particularly something they have no fucking clue about or cannot bother to understand.

I don't think that you are in any way, a fool or an idiot, far from it, I take you in high regard and for that reason, I ask, what is it that you are against the so called 'human' zoos, Jacinta?

Stop being lame, stop being vague and speaking in fucking general terms; it makes wish to wilfully drown myself in a pool of honey. We have a pool of honey atop one of our beautiful mountains in that 'big and empty' place you think grew up from!

I thought I should mention that; eat your heart out, Jacintat! I can literally feel you gnashing and grinding your teeth in and with envy!

Ganja more than 6 years ago

you are probably right

that correlating Russia/Africa is born out of racism. I'm not saying I didn't know Russia was a country and Africa's a continent, I'm not Sarah Palin, but the flippant way I correlated is probably racist.

I'm not doing this blog anymore, Ganja, read my new blog on Taz, Riotmama statt Amokmama

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

They thought you were maybe a native speaker...

"They thought you were maybe a native speaker but I think even though your English is flawless you can't be, I almost think you can't be coz it's too good?" Bollocks! Are you trying to flatter me to sort of get yourself off the hook, so to speak? You didn't and quite clearly don't want to answer to my questions in an honest manner; rather so much and obvious of an Essex girl!

1. My English is not flawless, for nobody speaks or writes flawlessly however good they might be in any language be it in their own mother (first language) tongue or acquired/learned language. The expression 'flawless' speech is just that, just what it is, only an expression beyond and above which it means just nothing; because it is hollow and empty. I would, with almost near certainty, wager that Queen Elizabeth II herself and the royal family, the ultimate symbol of what is 'English' life do not and cannot, and quite understandably (after all, they aren't really, and I mean really in the real sense of the fuckin' word, English. Are they?) speak 'flawless' English.

2. "I almost think you can't be coz it's too good?" What makes you this cocksure to think that I can't and I am not possibly a 'native' English speaker? What makes a 'native' speaker?
And what makes a 'native' native?

The 'native' English would be those folks up the north and north east of England who speak in a mumbly pattern unlike their slimey, slick talking fellow country folk down the south who are, by and large, products of intermarriages majorly with people from outside of England.

It's like having sicilians and to a great extent, most Italians, or the spanish people claiming to be 'native' or the most pathetic of all racial purity claims, 'pure caucasian', but nobody can possibly argue with history and historic facts that present day sicilians and a great many italians and spanish people were spawned by the moors. It's a fuckin' fact!

I think that the reason italians and spanish people hate 'black' people/Africans is because of their own inability to handle the fact that the rest of Europe, mainly of the fairly caucasian descent, knows that they are not really caucasians although they try to project themselves as such. That, in many ways, explains their grotesque attitude and behaviour toward 'black' people/Africans.

So, Jacinta, don't give me that 'native' nonsense! Try something else.

Ganja more than 6 years ago

Norway to restage 1914 'human zoo'

"Norway to restage 1914 'human zoo' that exhibited Africans as inmates"
What is your opinion on this, Jacinta?

It has striking parallels to the so called English puritans and separatist on the famous mayflower, but looked at, only inverted form.

Ganja asking... more than 6 years ago

Really against human zoos.

I mean NOT a lot of time, we just sometimes talk about where you must come from. They thought you were maybe a native speaker but I think even though your English is flawless you can't be, I almost think you can't be coz it's too good? Sorry about the empty thing. I just think you had a big backyard when you were growing up, is all.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

"Not empty EMPTY" by far, the most empty sentence...

"Not empty EMPTY" what the fuck on earth is this, Jacinta?
"At least tell us what your mother tongue is?" And how exactly would that information help you or what would you do with it were I to oblige your request? Does it actually matter that you and your two Germ friends know which corner of this beautiful planet earth Ganja might have sprung from, well, more like crawled from really?

Are you and your two Germ friends that idle that you spend your precious time, undoubtedly, one of the highly valuable and often rare commodity in the capitalist interest-driven-wheel we call life today, arguing about who Ganja is or which nationality he/she is/has or might be/have or which "big and empty" (your words and language, not mine) part of the world he/she comes from?

Again, is this really important to you and; if it is, why is it important to you?
Explain your motive first, explain why you and your two Germ friends spend your employer's time (I assume you are employed by Exberliner) arguing on why a certain unknown X or XY is this or that, or is not this and not that but likely to be this and not that? Why is it of such interest to you?

If you would be kind and candid enough to answer these questions, I might consider to reconsider my previous response 'I am afraid, I take the fifth, at least for now.' but until then, I am afraid, I take the fifth.


I have big and, in the language of hip-hop culture, well, propaganda, hot lips (not my words but of a legion of female admirers of my big lips) and I eat watermelon and have pretty good and impressive rhythm on the dance floor, dancing to music with rhythm such as that in the link below and I like chicken but think that folk who eat KFC and McShit(Donald) low esteem issues and hate themselves so much, which is why they feed a diet of slow death.

I also run, as a hobby, high in the mountains with a monocle on the left eye, and
I also think throwing bananas to monkeys is a sign of lack of manners, only someone from a broken family, one whose parents spent most of the time arguing between themselves and cursing at each other like it were an Olympic activity and had little to no time to talk to them nicely and teach them people and nature skills, would do such a horrendous thing. Don't you think, Jacinta?

Ganja flummoxed! more than 6 years ago

Jacinta, how much do you want or would like to know or you wish you knew?

"Me and two German friends are always arguing about whether you are German or not." Why is that?

"I reckon you grew up somewhere big and empty?" How do you mean?

"I think you are not German but not English, I think you might be African or Russian? Are you implying Africa and Russia are big and empty places?

I wouldn't be surprised if that were true, Jacinta, given your obvious ignorance that you so often blatantly display in your overly generalised unwitty discourse on issues/topics, often times, social and political, you choose to talk about or express an opinion on.

And please, take no offense with my remark, no harm intended at all.

"Please let us know" I am afraid, I take the fifth, at least for now.

Ganja wondering! more than 6 years ago

Not empty EMPTY

But not poky like Berlin or London or places like that. Please tell us. At least tell us what your mother tongue is?

Jacinta more than 6 years ago

Politics and Religion are both effective tools of oppression with the ultimate objective attaining power.

We all, religious and non-religious alike and, yes, Richard Dawkins too, live under the oppression of political fascism on the one hand and religious fascism on the other. That's an undeniable fact obvious for all to see, except of course, those who wallow blissfully in delusions of a democracy and free will and freedom of this or that which their wishful mind chooses to indulge in.

Ganja's perspective. more than 6 years ago


Me and two German friends are always arguing about whether you are German or not. I think you are not German but not English, I think you might be African or Russian? From some big place, I reckon. I reckon you grew up somewhere big and empty? Please let us know.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

I think

the church and state are a bit better separated in Germany than in Britain - at least in its democratic structure - mainly because Germany has a proper constitution. But both countries have a lot of faith-based schools - I think that's the biggest influence religion has on the state. The problem is that religious people pretend to agree that religion is a matter of personal choice and conscience, but it doesn't work that way in real life - the religious don't want to lose more ground in public life because to them that's a defeat to atheism. That's an intransigent debate. But we can still get rid of faith-based schools, and let teachers and pupils wear crosses or headscarves and have religion classes. And the Kirchensteuer is a bit ridiculous and unconstitutional. They'll have to get rid of that one day.

Also Germany's CDU is a lot more overtly Christian than the Tories - at least it was until last week - and I think being Christian and talking about "Christian values" is more of a vote winner here.

Ben Knight more than 6 years ago

What about the Good Friday dancing ban?

Okay democratically it is a SCHANDE that we have bishops in the House of Lords but what about the Good friday dancing ban or all those schools in Bavaria with crucifixes on the wall etc etc? I just think because we are in Berlin (East germany was voted most atheist place on earth) we don't realize how religious the rest of Germany is and I think until they get those crosses off the walls they should let teachers wear headscarves if they want to.

Jacinta more than 6 years ago

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