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Eating dog

Asking if you have eaten dog in China is not racist ! It's all over the place. All menus come with pictures for people who cannot read Chinese, so I picked a plate that looked nice, with plenty of vegetables, and it just tasted like a dog smells when it comes back from the garden on a rainy day (it was really not good). I asked (I had to imitate a dog to ask if it was actually dog meat in my plate - dear lord!) and the waitress said yes, that's what it is...

Anyway, in my opinion, seeing racism everywhere like that, especially in this kind of innocent question, is, in fact, racist. It means that somehow, this guy considers that eating dog is BAD (or at least worst than eating calves or lambs), so the Chinese can not possibly do that, can they? Because if they actually did eat dog, then we would be allowed to hate them.

If he ever goes to Argentina, ask him if he's been drinking 'mate' (pronounce ma-tay, it's a harmless kind of tea). I bet he won't tell you you're being racist.

Aude more than 8 years ago


v. good

Jenja more than 8 years ago


I lost my time thinking it would be worth reading. Just sad that i read it.

Nicole more than 8 years ago


Only "white" and "male" - when there are so many reasons to feel bad about yourself? I recently stumbled upon this handy privilege-chart here - I think it's part of some form of Oppression Olympiad.

Mike more than 8 years ago


Well its amazing how Jacinta manages to get people confused and make them to contradict themselfes, no matter if she's right or wrong. She's good, she should have her own TV show in Germany something like the german Oprah. I would like to work in her TV crew in that case!

efap more than 8 years ago

so many bad things, but

Especially the axe adverts...

T more than 8 years ago

@Maurice T Frank

It is in a country in which only white men are allowed to have any sort of substantial income,

Moneymen more than 8 years ago


Don't tell me tax evasion is an exclusively white male thing....

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

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