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Yes, Berlin sucks now

I moved to Berlin last March, in Moabit. I tried for 1 month, very hard to find a flat anywhere in the city or even the outskirts, but had no success. So, I moved back to where I came from. I did not feel at all bad that I could not find a flat to live in, as the general impression Berlin left upon me was quite negative. I think all of the qualities I was hoping to find in Berlin of 2018 were long gone, maybe even 20 years ago: lots of affordable housing, edgy counterculture, easy place to live, etc. Now Berlin is the opposite of these qualities: massive housing shortage; and it has become an overcrowded city full of hipster wannabe assholes and Middle Eastern refugees. No, definitely not an easy place to live. It always happens this way: first the place is good, but then too many people find out, it becomes fashionable and trendy, then it turns into an overpriced, overcrowded shithole. That is what Berlin of 2018 and beyond is.

Dawg more than 1 year ago


I'm Turkish and so happy I don't live in Berlin anymore, Everyone shits on Turkish there. At least you have one thing in common with Germans, you view Turkish people as less than human.

P more than 3 years ago


I live in Toronto and have been going to Berlin for the past 3 years. I find people have much better manners in Berlin and in three weeks only two people pissed me off while in Toronto it is everyday someone does. It was refreshing being in Berlin to see civil courtesy and manners which have long be lost in Toronto which is right wing conservative nasty money driven boring people. I even went to a Berlin meetup and I so wish I could have friends like that in Toronto. I really like people from Berlin. I liked it in 1985 and I love it now. Really nice, friendly, fun city. Very hip and tolerant and accepting. I am so envious and so lonely that I have to live in Toronto.

Susie more than 1 year ago


We. The People from Berlin realy hates you.
Just because you moved to our City you are Not a Berliner. Piss Off. You and your Money destroyes our hometown. If you want to speak english go to New York. You behave like the far ugly Germans in mallorca.
We cut Off your Balls And Feed your mother with them. Fuck you.

Berlinhatesyou more than 3 years ago


Enjoyed that a lot.

Martin more than 5 years ago

Get me out of here

I think that "there was nothing downtrodden or Woyzecky about him" is perfect. I'm getting to be a bit Woyzecky and don't like it one bit. I'm leaving soon. Good for me.

Fiona more than 6 years ago

Don t care

They are just Posers and deeply blocked, in their head they are still the Paderborn or Renzburg or Buxdehude guys they ve always been, but hey ! they are in Berlin so they have to look like it. When they were in their small towns and little villages, they were seeing all this posh girls on the hardcovers of their indi cd s, so now they have to go for exactly that. And after their first trip to New York they have seen how a big city guy has to act. This is not Cologne ! or Hamburg ! or München ! it s Berlin !!!!
There is no place in the world, where it is so easy to be what you seem, and that is exactly why Berlin is not a city, but the biggest village in the world. cheers ! To Jodie : are you german ? its not about the language you use, but the thing you say with it, if you ve got nothing to say, but your language and stile is soo perfect, a secretary job would do better, than posting a comment. Giving advices to people is a provocation to get advices you can give me an advice, but please.. don t hit me with my language..i might be able to think, that you are not able to comprehend what i want to say..

Don Alfonso more than 6 years ago

Other Haters

Lol, this post reminded me of something I wrote on just the other day! I just wish people would laugh out loud here! They do in the rest of Germany!

Jake more than 7 years ago


Totally agree...the haters must be the German Berliners. They are cold, unhelpful and make everything kind of worse....

AMERICAN more than 7 years ago

Too FUnny

Loved the first line of this blog, it reflected my mood exactly, shame about the sad reality of the getting old, but I think the actual reason i s more scary than that, I think we actually adopt the fear and forget the innocent smile

Arthur more than 7 years ago


This diatribe is offensive and, even if it wasn't, it is a thorough waste of time. All writers must learn their craft, it is true, but there must be ways other than subjecting unsuspecting readers to such unnecessary and pointless drivel. Good thing it is localised to only English-speaking readers, who the writer apparently believes live in the lower reaches of civilisation. A kindly word of advice, Jacinta: write it, put it aside for a day (or two, or three), and then re-read and reflect. This simple process may serve you and your quest as a writer.

jodie more than 7 years ago

Who's the hater?

None of the above, Phil. But nice job. "Brilliant", "work", and "Amok", all in one sentence, impressive feat. So why are you addressing Amok in the plural in your subject line?

What goes round more than 7 years ago


Have you commenters all had your basic comprehension glands removed, or are you just Americans? Keep up the brilliant work, Amok.

Phil more than 7 years ago

ASW indeed

Of course those Turkish teenagers stopped hitting on you. At that age they could get off on a biology textbook. They're in their 20s by now and have developed some taste. Now they're following me around. Much more discreetly, of course: I'm middle-aged and male.

Amused pity more than 7 years ago


... Is brilliant!

Mary more than 7 years ago


Well...I think this is a book case of ASW, Attention Seeking Whore. Don't take this personally but any psychoanalyst would deduce this in a matter of seconds. Wich also makes it hard to believe your story, and why I reached to the end.. god knows I love to procrastinate, but now you make me wan't to get back to work.

TheGreatLOFTI more than 7 years ago

Little Miss Anti

With 334 views, the chances of them having seen you is pretty slim. Listen to the final recording here from Beverley Eckert to see whether it can awaken some residual empathy. I did like the Marshall Plan joke, though.

Ed more than 7 years ago

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