Konrad Werner: Ash Over Germany – the movie



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are you sure there isn't a part for rapist giraffs?

farrfoto more than 11 years ago

@Colonel Bobby


Jac more than 11 years ago

spiritual sequel

This will pave the way for a Wes-Anderson-produced (via a French company) stop-action animal satire, featuring Angela Meercat, Rhino Westerwelle, Barack Opossum, George W. Thrush and Tony Bear.

Colonel Bobby more than 11 years ago


these people gonna play themseleves?

Erm more than 11 years ago


What is it with you and animals? Did you not have any pets as a kid? Angela Merkel as a hybrid of Hannibal and the Pied Piper. Hmmm. Essential technical info missing from this plot: what happened to all the cars? Did the ash clog their motors as well? And how does Merkel first discover her ability to communicate with non-humans so well? My German dad likes to call her "Merkel das Ferkel" (Merkel the piglet)...maybe there's something to that.

Seymour more than 11 years ago

Casting problems

where were you, Konrad Werner, when you channelled this brilliance? And who will be cast in the role of Frau Merkel? Westerwelle?

Miss Schöne Berg more than 11 years ago

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