Jacob Sweetman: Attacking down the right



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@Jogi Bär

Yor use of the words "true germans" deeply disturbs me. I have no fear of a debate, and to say that I should stick to football only implies that the two can be separated. I dont think this is the case at all.

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


sarrazin just is saying what many true Germans think. Why are you scarred of debating this? Stick to football next time maybe.

Jogi Bär more than 9 years ago

Another great article, but...

No mention of Peter Niemeyer's assault on a referee?

Hoof more than 9 years ago

It should be amazing

Guus Hiddink is a genius, no doubt. A shame he didnt get a mention. But, another great piece, you are the first thing II read on a wednesday now. Will Kroos come in for Schweini? Or more importantly Holtby in for Poldi? Any Germans / Turks on here got any predictions? I say 3-1 Germany.

Gerd more than 9 years ago

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