Seymour Gris: The Autobahn is shit



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Freedom of speed

What about FREEDOM??? Do we need more regulations? Shouldnt people be given the right to enjoy German autobahns the way they like it (with fast fat cars!) and kill themselves at the speed they want?

Ronnie more than 9 years ago


Very well pointed out. Nonetheless the good thing is YOU SURVIVED this nightmare Mr. Gris!

WORD UP! more than 9 years ago

dont love cars

a new name for this shit is Fahrschismus. Because speed ist much more importend than any other or slow moving.

Xonra more than 9 years ago

killer machines

Seymour Gris, I so hear you talking, my opinion for the past 19 years: Germany's autobahns are hell on earth incarnate (I know, tautology)

Odot Kdot more than 9 years ago


Herr Glebe more than 9 years ago

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